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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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A Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General report has been released which paints a very troubling picture of the 287(g) program which allows local and state law enforcement agencies to enforce immigration laws. The report doesn't mince words:

We observed instances in which Immigration and Customs Enforcement and participating law enforcement agencies were not operating in compliance with the terms of the agreements. We also noted several areas in which Immigration and Customs Enforcement had not instituted controls to promote effective program operations and address related risks. Immigration and Customs Enforcement needs to

(1) establish appropriate performance measures and targets to determine whether program results are aligned with program goals;

(2) develop guidance for supervising 287(g) officers and activities;

(3) enhance overall 287(g) program oversight;

(4) strengthen the review and selection process for law enforcement agencies requesting to participate in the program;

(5) establish data collection and reporting requirements to address civil rights and civil liberties concerns;

(6) improve 287(g) training programs;

(7) increase access to and accuracy of 287(g) program information provided to the public; and

(8) standardize 287(g) officers' access to Department of Homeland Security information systems.

Various advocacy groups have been weighing in on the report. From the National Immigration Law Center:

"The report's findings of widespread misuse are shocking, but not surprising," said Tyler Moran, policy director for the National Immigration Law Center. "Immigration, civil rights, and law and order advocates have repeatedly called for the termination of this program and other programs that involve local police officers in enforcing immigration law.  It's time to acknowledge that this immigration enforcement system, much like our entire immigration system, is broken and needs dramatic reformation."

From the American Civil Liberties Union:

The American Civil Liberties Union has strongly opposed the 287(g) program, believing it has led to illegal racial profiling and civil rights abuses while diverting scarce resources from traditional local law enforcement functions and distorting immigration enforcement priorities. The OIG report affirms these concerns, and the ACLU calls for the immediate termination of the 287(g) program.
"The DHS OIG report confirms in detail what the ACLU has known for many years - that the 287(g) program, fundamentally flawed and incompetently administered, presents serious civil rights and civil liberties problems for U.S. citizens and immigrants," said Joanne Lin, ACLU Legislative Counsel. "ICE has completely shirked its legal duty to train and supervise 287(g) officers and has instead unleashed a slew of unmonitored state and local law officers across America - many of whom are using federal immigration authority as a cloak to engage in racial profiling. The program should be terminated and de-funded."

From the Immigration Policy Center:

"The OIG report is further evidence that the Administration has yet to distinguish between deporting large numbers of immigrants and making us safe," said Mary Giovagnoli, Director of the Immigration Policy Center. "In the rush to engage state and local law enforcement on federal immigration matters, ICE has created a program that lacks oversight, undermines community relations, and breeds mistrust.  As proven time and time again, a deportation-driven strategy exacts a high toll on individuals and communities with little real impact in stopping illegal immigration."


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  1. Another Voice's Avatar
    Some how they are going to have to reconcile their efforts to reform this program with a way to meet their self impose deportation quotas!!! My guess is that deportation = funding for the agency therefore oversight will be sacrificed!!!
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