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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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I may be a little light in posting today and tomorrow because I'm in Washington to walk the halls of Congress to talk about the need for immigration legislation.I'll be joined by more than 250 other members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association here to explain to members of Congress what families and employers are experiencing in the field. It has been ten years since Congress last passed a significant piece of immigration legislation and a large number of changes are needed to reflect current realities.

I'm also here for a meeting tomorrow at USCIS I've helped to organize that will address the impact of the January Neufeld H-1B memo on the health care sector. The memo was largely USCIS' effort to assuage protectionist members of Congress targeting the IT sector, but the memo is having a host of unintended consequences in other sectors, especially health care. I'll be talking about the need for either scrapping memo or at least making serious changes to it so that the supply of health care workers in this country is not affected. The reality is that USCIS has gone far beyond its mission of administering the law and going after violators to trying to carry out the will of a few members of Congress who lack the votes to accomplish their goals the proper way. Hopefully, USCIS will back down on this before a judge orders them to do so.

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  1. Jim's Avatar
    Good luck Greg.

  2. George Chell's Avatar
    Perhaps they will back down after a suit from AARP...that is the threat that needs to hang over their heads!
  3. George Chell's Avatar
    One more thing...Grassley is hell bent on destroying this country's job creation. His openness to free trade combined with restrictions on skilled migration assures me that jobs will continue to bleed in this country and move abroad, especially to Asia at a time when they dont need any blood transfusion.
  4. beppe's Avatar
    Please extension of God Father Lax (245i)
  5. Adi's Avatar
    Good luck. I hope they listen to you
  6. guest's Avatar
    Thank you for advocating for the whole immigrant community.
  7. Long wait's Avatar
    Good Luck Greg!
  8. My 2 cents's Avatar
    Hope AILA can convince the dumb witted lawmakers that the time is ripe for immigration reform. Good luck Greg, will look forward to your updates following the meeting.
  9. anonymous's Avatar
    Plz do somtheing about RN's waiting too.
  10. Gogol's Avatar
    Looking at the fight that has been offered by the AMERICAN CITIZENS during the past one year when their president and congress/senate is trying to get 32 millions of their FELLOW CITIZENS a basic health care insurance, I don't believe CIR will pass this year at least. CIR will bring in 12-18 million people who would need health care insurance. These numbers will almost double the HC Reform act cost.
  11. beppe's Avatar
    Gogol...think how much tax money you will get by those new fellow citizen....
  12. beppe's Avatar
    Well, now intrade bet on no immigration reform
    at least they are talking about that....
  13. trend06's Avatar
    Greg, hope you had a productive day and hope you brought up the Mehta-Endelman plans to remove dependents from the quota as one of the interim things we can do while we wait for CIR.

    BTW the detailed scholarly paper on this plan has been published:

  14. Jim's Avatar
    "CIR will bring in 12-18 million people who would need health care insurance. These numbers will almost double the HC Reform act cost."

    That is if you think all of them can't purchase their own insurance once legalized. I do not think that is the case.

    This is going to be 'earned' citizenship. The requirements are paying back-taxes and certain fees, learn English and going back to the back of the line among other things.

    As you can see, those who will qualify for legalization are only those who could very much afford to pay for their own insurance and will be added to the pool. More paying people in the pool, the more reasons the premiums will go down.

    Then as someone said, they will be adding more taxes and contributing to social security.

  15. Jim's Avatar
    Possible strategy that can be used by the Dems that can lead to a win-win situation for them whatever happens.

    So, don't count CIR just yet being introduced this year.


    From Ron Gotcher:

    "I was listening to a talking heads show in the way into work this morning and I heard something interesting. One of the pundits said that the passage of the health care legislation Sunday re-energized the Democrats and put the Republicans back on the defensive. She opinied that she belives that the administration will now insist that financial reform, cap and trade, and immigration reform be introduced and debated. She said tha the Republicans would no doubt try to filibuster all three, but that right now the Democrats want to push the idea that the Republicans are "the party of no." To do this, she thinks that the Democrats will insist on at least debating these issues and forcing the Republicans to either allow votes, or kill them with filibusters. That is certainly an interesting strategy and one that I would advocate if I were a White House advisor.

    What makes this interesting is that if an immigrtion bill is actually introduced and debated, even if the Republicans prevent a vote, it may be possible to bring it up in a post-election "lame duck" session and get a vote on it. Stranger things have happened. The odds against this are significant, but it is possible. "
  16. Rajani's Avatar
    Greg, what is the outcome of meeting with USCI regarding their memo?
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