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Here's a link to a new blog about the startup visa proposal starting to circulate in DC. There's an innovative Twitter campaign associated with the site.

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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    Tough to believe anyone will oppose this..but racists at CIS and FAIR probably will if they suspect that most entrepreneurs will come from China and India...they will be happy if foreigners look like the women who appeared on Vanity Fair!
  2. My 2 cents's Avatar
    If I have this kind of money why bother to invest in the US with sky rocketing healthcare & doomed economy. Invest in developing countries which have sound financial regulation & potential for economic growth. US is a sinking ship, clutching at straws to stay afloat.
  3. Jim's Avatar
    I think increasing tourism by being more welcoming and getting a visa hassle-free and prejudice/discrimination-free is a better idea. The US can even hike the proposed $10 travel fee to as much as $20-50 (make up an additional 'security fee' to properly screen visitors) if they want in exchange for a hassle-free visa processing for visitors.

    And like I posted before they should just focus on screening out possible terrorists rather than focusing on probable over-stayers. Also DHS and the US embassies/consulates abroad all knows that some visitors still ends up over-staying even with their best of capabilities to screen out them. The result is just denying visitor visas indiscriminately while people they give visas end up being the culprits and even terrorists. Think of the underwear bomber getting a visa and the e-verify flagging US citizens while illegals getting through.
  4. USC's Avatar
    Obama pushes for CIR but Schumer says he only has one Can on-board:,0,1123497.story

  5. USC's Avatar
    Ninth Circuit rules that:

    "neither USCIS nor an [Administrative Appeals Office] may unilaterally impose novel substantive or evidentiary requirements beyond those set forth [in the regulations]."
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