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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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I'm working on some new posts, but a reader correctly pointed out that it makes it hard to have conversations when a few days go by without a post from me. So I'm going to make sure I post an open thread post every so often so people can post in the comments anything that's on their minds.

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  1. Jack's Avatar
    On CNN Saturday:

    ROMANS: Because this is a country that thrives on innovation and thrives on coming up with new things. That is science and math and technology issues. Are we, do we have enough scientists and engineers in this country for the jobs that are available now? Do we have the talent here to really be that country that is the innovator of the future?

    TEITELBAUM: Well, you know there are lots of claims of shortages of scientists and engineers they mostly come from employers and to some degree from immigration lawyers.

    ROMANS: That's because ...

    TEITELBAUM: Because they want to have more visas for science and math people to come in.

    ROMANS: Who are paid ...

    TEITELBAUM: Who are paid -- well who knows? We don't have good data on that.

  2. USC's Avatar
    The INS lies again and this time what they are covering up should be enough to place the USA on Amnesty International's human right abusers watchlist:

    Well done to both the NYT and the ACLU (all of us should consider contributing to this grand organization).
  3. Another Voice's Avatar
    Lou Dobbs the pro-immigration speaks at O'Reilly???? Funny see this side of him, if we compare it to his previous show!!
  4. My 2 cents's Avatar
    Thanks Greg, at least the bloggers can move on when they see a new post rather than getting nasty & reptitive.
  5. Jim's Avatar
    Why the Diversity Visa Program is crazy:

    I agree with him 100%. And if regular visitors here remember, majority of what he said we have already discussed or at least touched before in a past thread.

    That's 50,000 visas every year. Better scrap it and just use it for something else like extra visas for H1B, special visas for nurses and international medical graduates willing to be primary physicians, anesthesiologists and other shortage occupations that will only get worse once HC reform is signed.
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