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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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I'm extremely appreciative of the kind comments regarding my father. I realized that some of you want to discuss immigration news and this post will be a place for people to post news and comments over the next few days. Thanks.


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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    With unemployment falling, one can hope this is a trend and that CIR will be politically palatable...

    and whatever these false prophets (that is what they are!) Zandi and Gross would say about the American consumer and the US being the center of the world, I would bet it is the foriegners and multinationals which depend on foreign demand are the ones creating the jobs...

    "There have been significant structural breaks in historical models centered around consumption, and finance and residential and commercial real estate, and many of those jobs are never coming back and that implies more than cyclical problems here," said Gross."

    Has to be American led or American centered...foreign demand cannot create jobs in America according to this clown!

  2. George Chell's Avatar
    Ten best countries for expats...mostly opened to skilled migration..I am sort of surprised that South Africa with its crime is on the list and UK and New Zealand are not!
  3. ILW.COM Editor's Avatar
    TransAtlantic Trends 2009 Report Released-

    How has the economic crisis affected migrant populations and the future of immigration and integration policy in Europe and North America? The first Transatlantic Trends: Immigration survey was conducted before the global crisis began in late 2008, so the 2009 survey offers a unique opportunity to examine
    public opinion shifts on both continents.
  4. USC's Avatar
    Humanitarian act deemed littering:

  5. ILW.COM Editor's Avatar
    Maria Hinojosa, Mexican-American, Awarded
    "Outstanding American By Choice Award"

    Secretary Napolitano presented the "Outstanding American by Choice Award" to distinguished journalist and host of National Public Radio's "Latino USA.," Maria Hinojosa.
    More on Maria Hinojosa:
  6. ILW.COM Editor's Avatar
    Immigration In Film - Immigration is the inspiration for a crop of notable films, including:

    "Amreeka" - feel good movie, centered on an immigrant single mother and her teenage son in small town

    "Sin Nombre" - The filmmaker's firsthand experiences with Central American immigrants seeking the promise of the U.S.

    "Crossing Over" and "Sugar" -

    The Fence -In October 2006, the US government decided to build a 700 mile fence along its Mexican border. Three years and $3.1 billion later, the film investigates the impact of the project, revealing how its stated goals--containing illegal immigration, cracking down on drug trafficking, and protecting America from terrorists--have given way to unforeseen consequences.

  7. Legal_Alien_from_Roswel's Avatar
    Any updates on the CIR 201X ?
  8. Uh huh. 's Avatar
    H-1B's Destroy Americans -

    I was suspicious of this post. If you want people to buy this as more than a hoax, how about a link to evidence that there really was a Stuart Storey and that he committed suicide. Google shows no one by that name in Piscataway and (the ultimate people finder tool) shows no one by this name in New Jersey. Do you have a link to an obituary? Or even a link showing someone with the last name Storey in Piscataway that is the person in question?
  9. t's Avatar
    does anybody have any updates on the appeal of Costello v. Chertoff?
  10. Jim's Avatar
    "Google shows no one by that name in Piscataway and (the ultimate people finder tool) shows no one by this name in New Jersey. Do you have a link to an obituary? Or even a link showing someone with the last name Storey in Piscataway that is the person in question?"

    Even if it were true, that unfortunate event shouldn't change anything.

    Lots of Americans lost their jobs in the recent recession. Are there any mass suicides? And as previously mentioned, laid-off UAW workers are shifting to healthcare jobs and other more "recession-proof" jobs and lots are waiting for these so-called 'green-jobs'.

  11. ILW.COM Editor's Avatar
    H1N1 Flu Vaccine Entry Requirement Is False

    Travelers do NOT need to present proof that they received the H1N1 flu vaccine in order to enter the United States.
  12. pegg storey's Avatar
    This is in tregards to the messages posted by Jim and uh-uh on 12/9/09. Yes there was a stu storey. His name was not stuart storey, it was hugh d. storey. If you google storey you will see a pegg storey, that is a nickmame for me Margaret Storey. Google is not the ultimate fact finder. Did you google LEGACY to see if an obit was submitted brainiac? NO you did not. An obit was submitted to the Courier News on Oct. 16,09. AND YES my husband suffered from depression after his job was taken by an H1B. You have any more ????s contact me at Be sure of your bull before you post it idiots.
  13. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Pegg - If turning to hate is how you want to deal with your grief, that's unfortunate, but your business. However, I have a zero tolerance policy for that on this blog. If I see one more post like the one you just put up, you will no longer be permitted to post on this blog.
  14. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Note to readers - I comment from Pegg following her first comment here has been deleted by me.
  15. pegg storey's Avatar
    Greg, I am very angry about the posts I read on your blog. Perhaps you should investigate them before you allow such rubbish. My family and I are hurting. We have hurt for a few years seeing the decline of my husband. He was born to program. When that was taken away I witnessed the demise of a brilliant man. I am sure his colleagues from the past would be considerably upset. I could tell stories of major corps. that hire without greencards and keep them segragated from HR. I expect apologies from those two posts. I have read the same garbage on other sites and have called them down on it.
  16. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Pegg - I cannot force anonymous posters to apologize, but I can personally apologize.

    I would say that I wish your husband had contacted an attorney if he was terminated and replaced by an H-1B worker. The law is very strict regarding underpaying H-1B workers in comparison to Americans and while there are certainly companies that abuse those laws, when you're aware that this is happening there are legal avenues to seek punishment. If you go through the archives on this blog, you will see that I have very much taken the position that strictly enforcing existing laws is the place to focus rather than simply throwing up new protectionist barriers to commerce.

    DHS seems to understand this and there has been a real effort in the last year to weed out the abusers. People have gone to jail and companies have been shut down. The stricter enforcement has also been at least a partial factor in the dramatic reduction of H-1B applications over the last year.And has meant that companies that are playing by the rules now have a better chance at getting H-1B visas where needed. For example, much of my H-1B work is helping hospitals in rural communities hire physicians. Many communities were able to hire doctors this year that otherwise could not thanks to the H-1B cap not being hit for seven months.

    Again, I am sorry for your loss and for the offensive comments. But I also hope you do not channel your grief in a racist or hate-filled direction as has been the case for many in the anti-H-1B community. Your "Patel" comment doesn't make me optimistic, unfortunately.
  17. pegg storey's Avatar
    Greg, I am not a hateful person just a very angry one. There are many more avenues than google,ie. Legacy.comm, white pages etc. Just upset me that these individuals can spew such lies and I shot from the hip. I shook last night when I read such nonsense. It may be 3 months but it seems like yesterday. I don't know what part of the country ur from but here we are overwhelmed.I have lost financial security over the yrs and now emotional security. I am disabled and live on a meager income. One will never understand until u live thru it
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