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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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USCIS is reporting that as of November 6th, 54,900 H-1Bs had been issued against the 65,000 annual quota. While this represents a dramatic drop in H-1B applications over previous years. In 2007, nearly 200,000 applications were filed in the first week applications were open and in 2009, the application period is now in its seventh month. Usage seems to be about 1,000 cases a week so we're probably looking at January or February to run out of numbers.

Incidentally, yesterday I was the moderator of a panel on the impact of the global recession on national migration policies in Amsterdam. One of my panelists was a senior executive at a well-known global IT consulting company that has been a heavy user of H-1B visas in years past. He mentioned that the company has shifted substantially to hiring local talent as much as possible in the many countries where it operates, particularly as rising unemployment has made more talented workers available. He noted that it is usually much cheaper to hire workers in the country where they are operating than having to send in foreign workers (no lawyer fees, immigration filing fees, transportation costs, assistance with relocation needs, language and cultural training, etc.). Aside from the economic downturn, this could be part of the reason why H-1B usage is down so much particularly with IT consulting companies. 

I'm off to London to speak at a panel at the International Bar Association's global immigration conference and will be attending tomorrow and Friday so blogging will likely be lighter than normal.

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  1. Jim's Avatar
    I think this is exactly what Mr. George Chell is telling everyone here all this time. I just didn't realize that it is already currently happening.

    I just don't know when will the antis realize that companies are pretty much global or multinationals already. They will bring their business where it is more practical to do so. And who decides is more talented anyway? Is it the employee or the employer?

    In these times that Gov'ts of other countries are giving all the incentives for multinationals to re-locate or at least set-up a branch on their countries, the antis are trying to kick them out of America.
  2. George Chell's Avatar
    Thank you all very much! It is really sad! I am getting very concerned about my social security! Pure selfish reasons. Why do you think employment is going up in Singapore, India, Australia and China among others! Stock markets in Germany had the best year in 2004, but unemployment hit 12.5%. Why? Jobs were moving abroad!
  3. George Chell's Avatar
    "I just don't know when will the antis realize that companies are pretty much global or multinationals already."

    They already know. Four years ago at the Minneapolis airport, FAIR and CIS sympathizers got wind of the fact that "maintenance jobs were going to foreigners from SIA Engineering in Singapore". They came with a goal of protesting the hiring of these foreigners. However, when they found out that the jobs wer abroad, they left and did not join the protest. Back in 1987, I told you of the incident with the Alabama lady complaining to the antis that an Indian was hired over her (the Indian was an A and she was a C student, but wanted the job because she is American)..these groups were up in arms..CIS was hardly two years old and FAIR had been around for eight years...however, when they found out that he was transferred to Asia, they no longer supported her. I think these groups are more concerned about America becoming majority non-white than saving American is all a is more like one less non-white in America means one less person working towards a non-white majority rather than one less foreigner meaning one more job for an American!
  4. gg's Avatar
    Administration sending mixed signals on Immigration Refrom - No Commitment in 2010
  5. George Chell's Avatar
    Interesting talk about birth right citizenship. My opinion is pretty clear: when US pays back its debt it can talk about sovereignty and ending birthright citizenship.
  6. George Chell's Avatar
    And as I said, there will be no immigration reform until 2011.
  7. Jim's Avatar
    If they don't at least introduce a working bill before Christmas or early 2010, there will be no CIR.

    Everyone should just accept this and bite the reality so that we can move on and do visa recapture, visas for nurses, DREAM Act and other piece-meal immigration bills so that we can at least stop the bleeding of those wanting to do things legally. And besides, if CIR w/ 'amnesty' passes do they expect they can be processed right away before all those with pending cases who have been waiting for years. USCIS couldn't even handle those cases under them on a timely manner, what more if 12 million or whatever the real number is suddenly gets in the system ?? We will be creating an artificial backlog for EVERYONE and it will take years before USCIS can sort everything out. And right now USCIS is even thinking of either increasing fees again or laying off workers. Wouldn't it be much better that piece-meal legislations gets approve now and then process all backlogged pending cases so that by the time CIR is taken up in 2011 or 2012, majority of pending cases are already resolved and therefore those 'amnesty seekers' can get processed quicker.

    If the 'amnesty seekers' and advocates thinks they somehow will be processed before the pending cases backlogged in USCIS and in consular posts abroad they are delusional. No CIR bill will be passed with such language.
  8. George Chell's Avatar
    I doubt any piece of immigration legislation will move in 2010.
  9. George Chell's Avatar
    Sheriff Arapaio's vision for the United States of America...he wants to do to the US what he and others in Arizona did to Phoenix....

    On the flip side, immigrant friendly communities are among the best places in the country to raise families...note Arcadia, CA and Honoluu, HI....

    And interestingly none of them are in the CNBC list

    Do we want an America looking like Arcadia or do we want Sheriff Arapaio's vision for America?

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