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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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Literally. Some horribly misguided idiot has done the antis a big favor by firing a gun at Lou Dobbs' home. Aside from the fact that someone could have gotten hurt, the action could be seen by dangerous right wing xenophobes as a signal of some sort of war that justifies violence against pro-immigration advocates. To date, the pro-immigration movement in this country has been the model of non-violence and it is critical that this image be absolutely maintained.

[UPDATE: Thanks to reader GG for a link to a story questioning Dobbs' version of events. This could very well be a hunting incident.]

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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    Could be any nutcase!
  2. gg's Avatar
    Police chuckles and contradicts Dobb's version :

  3. An Immigrant's Avatar
    This is another of DObb's bullshit. the official version is entirely different. Lets not give him more air time
  4. George Chell's Avatar
    Let us focus on how Indian immigrants are being robbed of the that is a real criminal case!
  5. Subbu Iyer's Avatar
    Someone should explain to Dobbs that it was only a hunter and that he was actually aiming at "birds of migration". That ought to keep him happy.

    It is incredible how idiots like Dobbs get so much attention!
  6. Somon Yakos's Avatar
    The issue here is that Greg Siskind is distracting his audiences with nonsense: Lou Dobbs is just another clown placed by CNN (and mainstream media in general) to keep its ratings high no mater what incoherences he predicts.
    Economic conditions in the United States are deteriorating more and more with the passing of time. The US dollar is already on life support, so now you can see more than a million American citizens living in Mexico (something called reversed migration), which is a clear symptom that the economy of their home country will collapse pretty soon.
    There won't be a necessity for any immigration reform in the US once the dollar collapses, since a new currency will emerge and will become the common denominator for the economies of Canada, Mexico and the United States - thus, there will be radical changes in the set of laws of these nations to smoother the transit of individuals throughout these territories...and that's the worst nightmare scenario for people who are willing to profit from any sort of reform.
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