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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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Regular readers of this blog know that I get upset easily when I hear about how anti-immigration policies negatively impact military families. Soldiers who put their lives on the line to preserve the American way of life deserve better. The Los Angeles Times writes about Frances Barrios, the wife of US Army Spc. Jack Barrios, a soldier just back from Iraq. The Guatemalan-born Frances is facing deportation because she entered the US illegally. She came when she was just six years old. Frances and Jack have a one year old daughter and a three year old son. Jack is suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome as a result of his experiences in Iraq. The LA Times talks about what he is experiencing:

The nightmares still plague him. The terrifying mortar attacks. The
loss of an Albanian soldier and ally, mutilated by shrapnel. The Iraqi
children, bloodied and battered, lined up for medical care at the U.S.
base at Mosul.

Two years after returning from his service in Iraq, U.S. Army Spc. Jack
Barrios, 26, is fighting sleeplessness, sudden angry outbursts,
aversion to emotional intimacy and other fallout from his
post-traumatic stress disorder.

But as he undergoes
counseling and swallows anti-depressants, the soldier is fighting an
even bigger battle: to keep his family from collapsing as his wife, an
undocumented immigrant from Guatemala, faces deportation.

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren is working on the issue. According to the LAT:

Concerned about the effect immigration problems are having on military
families, U.S. Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose) has held hearings on the
issue and last year introduced a bill to give undocumented spouses of
U.S. soldiers a chance at gaining legal status.

Lofgren, who
heads the House immigration subcommittee, said she plans to include the
provision for military families in the comprehensive immigration reform
bill that could be unveiled early next year.

"It's about respecting the American soldier and the sacrifices they have made," Lofgren said.

issue has divided traditional allies. Her bill was co-sponsored by two
Republican members of the House Armed Services committee but opposed by
their GOP colleagues on the House immigration subcommittee.

Not surprisingly, House Immigration Subcommittee Ranking Member Steve King (Republican - Iowa) - who voted for the war and who has never served in the Armed Forces - told the LAT he has no sympathy for lawbreakers.


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  1. gg's Avatar
    This is how US immigration laws work - USE AND THROW.
  2. Grace's Avatar
    So, Steve King expected a six year old not to come to the US with her parents? Or to leave when she turned 18?

    This case in a nutshell is everything that is wrong with US immigration law - the mother of two US citizens, and the spouse of another, gets no relief, simply because she EWI'd. If she had simply overstayed a visa, and accrued years of unlawful presence, she would be eligible to adjust and stay with her family. While I support Congresswoman Lofgren's efforts to help this family, what about the thousands of similar families who do not have a military tie? Don't they deserve some relief?
  3. Not Steve King, but thinking like him 's Avatar
    It was just last year when dozens of six year olds came to my house threatening all kinds of unimaginable torture to me and my property if I didn't give them candy! Don't tell me they don't know exactly what they are doing!
  4. James's Avatar
    Just heard --> LOU "I-Am-A-Hypocrite" DOBBS is leaving CNN to join FOX his natural resting place.
  5. James's Avatar
    Sorry ... it was just speculation based on
  6. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    I smell a tunnel rat...
  7. iv investigated's Avatar
    i smell an iv hacker and internet terrorist that is being investigated by the Joint Terrorism Task Force...

    Greg would advise you to get your papers in order...
  8. George Chell's Avatar
    I have never figured out the philosophy of Steve King. Is he a communist or a old fashioned racist?
  9. George Chell's Avatar
    "Maybe if the Indian H-1Bs were forced to serve in the U.S. military before serving as scabs in the U.S. I.T. industry, we Americans would give a damn."

    Dont worry..there wont be any IT jobs left for Americans or Indians at least not in this country...
  10. LFWF's Avatar
    "I see that there is an entire blog dedicated to exposing the scam:"

    Yeah, blog, right!
    you mean a thread on a site, that is run for profit and depends on visa backlogs. And a thread started by a guy who has been at this smear and tear game for ever. Grow up people.

    A CIR bill is definitely coming, you know that from Greg. Trackitt, TunnelPig and iv haters are not going to be the ones fighting to get it passed. let us not fall into their trap and shoot ourselves in the foot. If this CIR fails, it will be a long time. Please wake up and be ready to meet and call your representatives.
  11. Jim's Avatar
    "A CIR bill is definitely coming, you know that from Greg."

    I hope you are right.
  12. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    Jane, you mean a couple of losers who instead of improving their work skills blame all their sorrows on Indians? Yeah, cry me a river...
  13. Another voice's Avatar
    In the world according to Jane the lawyers, immigrants and businesses are the bad guys hurting the American worker!!!! I think its time for her to really tell us that she adores Lou Dobbs and comes in here to repeat what she heard on the show....thanks but nobody is buying here, you must be confused with the FAIR blog!!!
  14. Another voice's Avatar
    Jane instead of spreading the hate why don't you get smart and retrain sounds like you have been unemployed for a while and is eating you up inside....hating people here is not going to get you a job!!!
  15. George Chell's Avatar
    "It must be tough being in the same ditch with Greg Suskind. Everyday, more bad news comes out. IV donations down to nothing. Desi Bodyshops on the cover of Business Week. More and more blogs and organizations attacking you. Bright Future Jobs. Programmer's Guild. GuestWorkerFraud. NumbersUSA. ITGrunt. VDare. FAIR. Now even trackitt. Anti-H-1B groups popping up daily on Facebook and Twitter.

    And first it was Sen. Grassley, now Sen Durbin, standing up for Americans. All you have now is Zoe Lofgrhen, soon to go down as the next Harris Miller."

    It is very interesting that even after evidence is shown that these bodyshops are moving abroad, not too bright people like Jane think that shutting the door would mean more jobs for Americans. This is the problem with the country..too many not too smart people who dont want to improve themselves and who cant even read, and too many deluded politicians such as Grassley and Durbin who are hell bent on sending jobs abroad and reducing taxpayer revenue..and then they will want to cut social security benefits. Zoe Lofgren is the bright one..she does not want jobs going places such as China or Singapore, who will in turn get the tax revenue and then will lend it to the American government in the form of loan! If Jane cannot understand this, it makes a very compelling case for more skilled immigration, not probably this country is filled with Janes with very little analytical ability.

  16. George Chell's Avatar
    "Jane instead of spreading the hate why don't you get smart and retrain sounds like you have been unemployed for a while and is eating you up inside....hating people here is not going to get you a job!!!"

    Poster girl looser demanding privilege where Jane and the other whiners are going to loose out in one of two ways if they dont improve themselves...

    (1) either through me evidence that an Indian A, B and C student was given a job over an America A student (particularly a white American), I will support Jane. If not, Jane is just demanding privilege. It is very interesting that when blacks want AA some whites will want the best qualified to get the job. However, if a better ranked Indian gets the job, the same whites will want American to get the job. Qualfications no longer matter. They just want the job.

    (2) if H1B door is not available, the job will move to Singapore, India or other countries.

    End of story. Now if you start hating foreigners and corporations that move jobs abroad, Japanese and Koreans and perhaps even Germans will stop investing in America..because their nationals will also start complaining about jobs moving abroad. I have met these kinds of whiners everywhere. There are loads of Janes working in Singapore and other parts of Asia working on fat salaries who dont like Asians or others working in America...The English and the English women working in Asia are the main culprits though. Of course, I have met Singaporeans who dont like foreigners working in their country and whine like Jane but give them an opportunity to work in the US or Canada they will jump at it..selfish people, that is all it comes down to.

  17. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    "Don't get too cocky. The H-1B is hated by the locals with green cards and citizenship regardless of race. All you have on your side is the immigration lawyer, the exploitive US employer, and the bodyshop that sponsored you. The rest of society despises you."

    LOL!!! That's funny. First, I am a green card holder, so I apparently must hate myself, and to be precise, should have started hating myself on the day my green card got approved. You know, that's totally logical - what was I thinking accepting an H1 job from an expoitive Fortune 500 employer/bodyshop (actually, three of them, at different times) with a salary that would put me into top 5% of US earners? I obviously cheaped out, and my bosses hated me so much, they were willing to fly me across the country for interviews, lure me with bonuses and stock options. How dispicable!

    Oh, wait a minute, I forgot that I am not a "techie", so it must be American techies that hate me so much for my H1. Even though they don't know anything about me or my profession. You know, hate "just in case", that's totally logical... if you are Jane.

    You know Jane, talking out of your behind will always get you. That's why people do not want to hire someone as backward as you are. Hope you learn it soon.
  18. LFWF's Avatar
    "Don't get too cocky. The H-1B is hated by the locals with green cards and citizenship regardless of race. All you have on your side is the immigration lawyer, the exploitive US employer, and the bodyshop that sponsored you. The rest of society despises you."

    Yup jane...all the best. you seem to have little knowledge of how your "laws" work and even less about what your society needs.

    First I am not an H1B worker. Second I am not a techie. And third I do not "hate" anyone. So, how are "local green card holders" to exist except through H1B and suchlike programs? OR are you all for family imports and asylees only? btw those categories are already 85% of all immigration.

    My exploitative US employer is a Fortune 100 company and the largest company in the world in it's area. It ranks in the top companies to work for in every annual survey. People try for years to get a job. And they pay me enough to put me close to (if not in) the top 1% of the US population. Since you choose to be selective (techies, Indians) and talk of "cheap" and "exploited" perhaps you would like to check on the richest ethnic group group in the country? OR on the most educated? No prizes for guessing who these "cheap and exploited" people are :-)

    If you are so concerned about exploitation on H1B, why do you oppose plans to remove the 10 year wait periods before a green card becomes available? That would end all exploitation in one go...but of course your motives are really elsewhere!

    As for iv, all these orgs you list are (and have always been) anti immigrant and by definition anti iv. So big deal. Who cares if the white supremecists are against us? There is no conceivable way that can change. Trackitt is a for profit model that works only if backlog exists, why would it support a solution to backlogs? Besides seeing individual loony threads on trackitt by the same people repeatedly is hardly a measure of anything. If loony threads mean something then your favorite orgs as listed must be made up of completely insane people :-)

    Someone get Jane an occupation please, maybe Kevin the supremely entitled pig (that needed 7 years to get a BS and can't hold any work for long) can find her a raving, ranting job she can keep for 3 months then fight, moan, and leave?
  19. George Chell's Avatar
    "First I am not an H1B worker. Second I am not a techie. And third I do not "hate" anyone. So, how are "local green card holders" to exist except through H1B and suchlike programs? OR are you all for family imports and asylees only? btw those categories are already 85% of all immigration."

    It is a pity that antis complain about 35,000 techies admitted every year out of about four million jobs in the tech area, while they have little or nothing to say about foreign actors and models "unemploying" Americans particularly Asian Americans. Going by that argument there are plenty of Americans who can take the job taken by a foreigner in Hollywood and equally attractive too..but oh no..antis like Jane and for that matter Krikorian or Camarotta wont complain about this..the reason is simple folks..most foreign actors are white whereas most techies are Indians and other I have said time and again..we have no way to define this other than old fashioned racism..pure and simple!

  20. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Jane - I'm not going to tolerate trashing Immigration Voice. If you want to post here, talk about something else.
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