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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


Rating: 64 votes, 5.00 average.


  1. Sid's Avatar
    I'm not surprised that Target pulled the item for fear of backlash. However, I fail to see how this outrage is anything but an assault on the freedom of expression. It's no different from the hypocrisy laden positions that liberals have regarding gun control and conservatives have regarding abortion.
  2. George Chell's Avatar
    If what Sid says is true, trying to ban blackface and yellowface in Hollywood movies are assaults on expressions too! But, where does one draw the line.
  3. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Sid - Your argument would make a lot more sense if we were Lou Dobbs dressing up in this costume rather than a department store that markets itself as being in the business of selling things that are in good taste. Target can sell whatever it likes - that's its right. Whether selling something is a horrendously bad idea - that's a different subject.
  4. gg's Avatar

    Sid - If you can please dig into the past of US immigration I am very sure you would change your opinion. Most of the so called legal folks in this country are the descendants of illegal immigrants to came to this country hundreds of years ago.

  5. George Chell's Avatar
    Immigrants of the day or the year...

    the prosecutor...

    the prosecuted...
  6. Sid's Avatar
    George and Greg,

    I'm not sure if you've seen a picture of the costume in question. The mask wasn't of a Hispanic or Mexican or racist in nature. The face mask was a pun on the word alien, which, by the way, is an official term used by the US government on many forms and refers to both legal and illegal immigrants. If you don't like the word illegal alien go and pick a fight with the US government instead of picking on a soft Target.
  7. legal-immigrant's Avatar

    funny thing is i heard this story first in fox news and to my surprise they were against it
  8. Adi's Avatar
    Its an advertisement in bad taste especially for a business chain like Target. I guess they don't want business of Hispanics, set to be largest minority.

    But US govt should change its terminology of calling legal/illegal alien to something else. Calling humans from different country as alien is just plain silly and looks stupid.
  9. gg's Avatar
    Sid - You might not find this offensive but your forefathers who are sleeping in their graves right now would surely ( if they came here illegally ofcourse )
  10. Sid's Avatar

    I'm not advocating any immigration policy here. My gripe is against the blatant abuse of the freedom of expression in this case. The very people who are trying to voice the concerns of the immigrant community don't seem to have a problem when it comes to drowning the voices of someone with a different viewpoint.

    My nickname may have mislead you but I'm an immigrant from India.
  11. dg's Avatar
    Sid- Freedom of expression argument would hold if an individual decides to make this costume at home and wears it.
    Not when a corporation makes the decison to sell it and make profit.

    Please understand what the phrase means and stands for before you use it.
  12. Sid's Avatar
    I'll concede that point. Now please explain to me which FTC enforceable law this violates. Also feel free to explain why it's OK to sell caricatured costumes of Sarah Palin, G.W. Bush & Bill Clinton for Halloween and not that of an illegal alien.
  13. gg's Avatar
    Hmm, I don't seem to understand SID. Buddy which side are you on. You seem to be like the cat on the wall and don't know which side to jump. You seem to assume that folks who are upset with the illegal alien costume agree with the examples you listed.
  14. Sid's Avatar
    OK. Let me make my position clear. I'm against the MAFIA - irrespective of whether they are liberal or conservative, pro or anti immigration. These are fringe groups that shout down anyone that disagrees with them. There's a perfectly rational way to protest against the illegal alien costume - don't buy it. Don't like Lou Dobbs? No problem. Don't watch his show. Boycott CNN if you have to. Let economics decide their fate. What happened with Target sets a really bad precedent IMO.
  15. Jim's Avatar
    Target pulled it out of their website voluntarily after receiving complaints. They don't have to but they obviously decided it's not worth it.

    So far, only Target pulled it out and no one can force the others not to sell it if they decide to go through with it.

    I hope it's still a right for people to complain.

  16. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    Sid, you do not understand how marketing works. It does not work literally - don't like product, don't buy it. It works through associations - find product offensive -> don't think the store is "for me" -> don't go to the store -> don't buy anything from that store. There is a bunch of products at Hot Topic that most people would find offensive, however, their autdience does not (in fact, they like the edginess), and thus it's OK. People who shop at Target do find the illegal alien constume offensive and in bad taste, and thus it is in best interest of the retailer to pull it.
  17. Sid's Avatar
    "People who shop at Target do find the illegal alien constume offensive and in bad taste, and thus it is in best interest of the retailer to pull it."

    I've mentioned in my very first post that Target, from it's perspective, probably did the right thing to avoid any controversy or backlash.

    I do not however, believe your statement to be true in general. I do not think that the majority of Target shoppers would have been offended by the costume. I believe that a fringe group (just like the antis who brought down CIR both times) was offended and their loud protests managed to scare Target into playing it safe. Obviously, no poll was conducted for Target customers for either of us to claim that we are right. The fact that this product did not have the potential to be a big money maker for Target and hence was not worth fighting for, must have played a significant part in it's decision to pull the product.
  18. gg's Avatar
    Sid - Moral of the story - Don't go after illegal aliens whether they come from space or from anywhere on this planet
  19. Sid's Avatar
    gg, tell that to ICE.
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