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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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Tomorrow President Obama meets with members of Congress to talk about kick starting immigration reform efforts. I'm curious about what readers would tell President Obama if they were in the room. Share in the comments section what you would tell the President and members of Congress about immigration reform efforts this year.


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  1. Jay's Avatar
  2. Legal_Alien_from_Roswell's Avatar
    If you don't pass CIR now, you never will.
  3. Another voice's Avatar
    Sell the immigration bill more as part of economic recovery in America rather that the separation of families and all the rest of it, it will resonate better with the American people.
  4. Ilya's Avatar
    when you pass CIR, the ENSRA bill might have a chance at passing too. when you get (legal) immigrants into the US they will stimulate the economy by buying cars, houses, etc. and help alleviate the growing problem of bankrupt care makers and housing companies.
  5. AD's Avatar
    The only difference between a health care reform or other reforms and immigration reform is that any one can put a price tag on the health care reform and cannot put a price tag on the immigration reform. The reason why any one cannot put a price tag on immigration reform is the benefits of the immigration are not as exactly as tangible (in terms of $$$) as the benefits of health care reform are. These intangible benefits does not mean no value but means invaluable. History has shown that immigrants have been invaluable to the greater good of US and rather than making this a wedge issue, president should put his weight behind this and use immigration to partly solve the crises we have.
  6. kavitha's Avatar
    The President and congress needs to address all immigration issues. While the CIR is important, the recapture of unused visas are also equally important for the US economy. Those who are working in USA for long and waiting for Green card will invest their saving in business and also purchase house etc. Wont it help american economy? Similary, the family members of the one working in USA have been waiting for long for their green card. The President and Congress should not forget the eligible candidates have paid all their immigration fees and their spouse or parents or children working US have been paying the tax. They should give due consideration for legal immigrants before legalizing others. Being the largest democracy, politician should look at both the cases impartially.

    Cant they consider the HealthCare Reform Bill including the Nurse Bill in the same package. If the President wants to support the Nursing Union, introduce a law for better working conditions of the Nurses. I have read many articles where the Unions are telling that they are not against importing Nurses to the immediate requirement but the Government should address long term requirement and also improve working conditions of the Nurses like Nurse-patient ratio etc. If they dont pass the bill year, chances of getting it passed next year seems to be low. Job opportunities will come because many bright persns waiting for green cards will start leaving USA if they realize there is no scope for their green card in the near future. This will actually result in bad economy which I am sure the congress will understand.

    I do not believe the legal personnel and business enterprenuers will give any suggestions favouring their interest. Like any other country, a citizen of America whether he is an attorney or business man will always speak in the long term interest of America.
  7. Jim's Avatar
    Don't be afraid to throw your weight into it.

    Don't make the same mistake Bush and Condy Rice did by not having it passed on their 1st year. Biggest regret of their stay in power is their failure to pass immigration reform and lessons learned is to have it passed within the 1st year after elections otherwise it will just be derailed and derailed afterwards until it won't be taken up again.

    Bigger regret if you fail to learn from their mistakes.


  8. chdima's Avatar
    I am in this country for last 8 years. I have MS degree from American university with honours and working as an Sr. Engineer for last 6 years. Do you want me to stay here permanently or not ?

    Without our green card it's difficult to feel stable. I love this country but country needs to understand the importance of me.
  9. beppe's Avatar
    remember your father and what he did in the past.
    Give this people a change to live in the country, they will not disappointed you!
  10. gg's Avatar
    de-facto amnesty to all who have put their roots in their country.
  11. john's Avatar
    "Sell the immigration bill more as part of economic recovery in America rather that the separation of families and all the rest of it, it will resonate better with the American people."
    Please review your ambitious agenda. former pres was too ambitious to pass a too big CIR bill. It had everything in it that even sponsors started hating it. Because it was a huge bill addressing unions, antis, they all united and fought well. so it failed.
    so try to be more pragmatic and get these as piecemeal bills with simple requirements that way you won't let your opponents unite. For example have a dream bill have a seperate EB bill another guest worker bill. then you have a better chance. you dont want to fail on every strategy(healthcare, economy, immigration). one more thing. dont wait till next year. get it done when your name is still popular. dont repeat what last bush did.
  12. D's Avatar

    Mr. President,

    This will be a step towards permanent Democratic majority for next 40 years.
  13. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    Immigration reform is easier/cheaper/straightforward comared to other reforms, and there will be long-term and short-term benefits, both economically and socially. It's a no brainer. He knows very well what needs to be done. When choosing which battle he will fight, I would ask him to pick immigration.
  14. Krishna's Avatar
    Mr. President, If Legal Immigration backlog is cleared it will help economy. How else will you get an additional 1 Million families to call USA a home and buy a house and other necessary houseware? It will give enough boost to kick start housing and other related industries. New immigrants and US Citizens don't compete in same area of employment. It is a fact.

    While you at fixing immigration, Also fix certain stupid decision taken by prev. administration to not stamp a Visa on the passport for a visa holder on extensions for H and L visas. These days we should be talking about using Video conf. to avoid travel and in this specific case US government makes the travel mandatory to get the VISA stamped on the passport. During Clinton Administration we had the process to stamp the Visas on the passport within USA. Along with many, Previous administration put the clock back by 10 years at min. Pls. fix it and help families not worry about visa stamping during emergancy travels.
  15. SR's Avatar
    Mr. President,

    For the record: Self - two Master's (one from Canada, one from the US), Ph.D., all fully supported by research scholarships from reputed schools. Currently research directly funded by the National Science Foundation and Defense Research Labs.

    Spouse: Physician and Faculty Member in Medicine. Specialized training for 5 yrs in the US funded by the national exchequer. Currently, principal investigator for research funded by govt.

    We are citizens of a nation whose quota for EB immigration to the US is severely backlogged and hence can't expect our Green Cards for the next several years.

    As American politics plays footsie with immigration, I have a simple question. Your schools admitted us with competitive,
    generous scholarships, helped us get world class degrees and training. We, on our part, excelled in our work, payed taxes and never broke your law. So, if our getting Green Cards is such an issue, why on earth do your schools and your hospitals continue to admit research scholars and physicians from
    countries like ours?

    We'll never be so arrogant as to claim that American innovation will grind to a halt without us but, really, does it make sense to pour money on training foreigners in high tech and medicine and then kicking them out?
  16. JM's Avatar
    Mr. President,

    Is it possible to allot the same number of green cards (or visa numbers) as that of the H1B visas allotted in a fiscal year? Meaning, can the US government assume that all of the former H1B "non-immigrant" visa holders will later on decide to live permanently in the US?

  17. Legal-immigrant's Avatar

    Lets first hear what he/his administration thinks...

    "Mr President, you seem to be knowledgeable in legal immigration issues. Now, what blocks you from fixing it?"

  18. john's Avatar
    greg, you should seriously think of sending these comments to president or CNN. these are good. he should get a feel of whats out there.
  19. antiAntis's Avatar
    Not only you should pass CIR, you should concentrate on enforcing more stringent racial hate crime laws against the racist xenophobic Antis.
  20. Shah's Avatar
    Mr President,

    It is time for a change. Status quo is not an acceptable solution. It is also time to streamline the legal immigration process and detach it from employement to an extent.
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