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  1. AD's Avatar
    Hmm. Makes me wonder what Mr O has in his mind.

    Lets say if the CIR does not get through, Isnt it high time to put CHC aside and do meaningful reforms? But hey! Who has the guts to say so? Do we have one single leader who can say enough is enough and lets get some thing done.

    Groups which are for CIR does not care an iota for legal relief

    Durbin will put 2.5 million undocumented on path to USC but does not care about the few thousands whose parents paid taxes and are here on visas legally.

    I guess its time people say enough is enough and start a mass exodus.
  2. Anonymous's Avatar
    I agree..these M%*$&$F%$KeRS need to understand the difference between legal and illegal immigration. They are treating legal immigrants like dirt. I do not see anychange and for sure dems and MrO are showing their true color!!
  3. AD's Avatar
    whoa! By no means I was expecting those words. I am equally or probably more frustrated than you are. Lets keep it decent. You can make your point with out stooping down as the folks on hill do
  4. Legal_alien_from_roswell's Avatar
    Health Care and the Energy Bills haven't even started their act, since CIR is scheduled after them, wonder if it'll ever happen in Obama's first year...or tenure, for that sake of matter.
  5. George Chell in Singapore's Avatar
    The longer they dilly dally the more jobs will be lost to other countries causing irrepairable damage to tax and social security revenues...after that they will want to cut social security benefits and there will be hell to pay!
  6. gg's Avatar
    I dont think this news is as dissapointing as it sounds. Obama seems to be preoccupied with CHC, and will be busy rallying support from public in the next days.
  7. Jim's Avatar
    "I don't think this news is as disappointing as it sounds"

    I agree. The commitment is still there I think and there is definitely some momentum.

    Recent scientifically done polls pointing to more Americans (now 80%) wanting it done is the one I think is under-rated specially since it undermines the loud voices of the antis and further proves that they are now the minority albeit loud voices. Empty tin cans are the ones that makes louder noises.

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