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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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The Wall Street Journal reports from India on the obscenely long security clearance delays affecting a number of scientists and engineers who thought they were going back to India for short visits. Instead, they're waiting on clearances based on their being experts in a critical technologies area. The White House has finally gotten the message that this is ridiculous and is now promising clearances in just a few weeks rather than multiple months.

But the story is still just as bad for people stuck in security delays because they have names that are similar to those on the terror watch lists. I've got a few clients in this situation and trying to get answers on these cases is extremely frustrating. The problem is not the security check itself. It's that no one seems to actually be DOING the security check. My clients are just waiting in a line that doesn't seem to be advancing.

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  1. George Chell visiting Singapore's Avatar
    Obama should know better than the Bush Administration. Total joke. Even met a couple of Indians here who just arrived from India to work for an US IT firm's subsidiary here. He had been working in the US and returned to India to take care of a family emergency. He had been waiting for over three months and his corporation decided to transfer the job to Singapore and fly his wife and child out to Singapore. He and his wife will no longer be paying taxes or social security in the US. That job is lost as far as the US is concerned. Instead Singapore will be the beneficiary of the tax revenue. Now can a country nose deep in debt and with the deficits becoming larger every day afford to loose more jobs to other countries? How are we going to keep social security solvent? And by the way he comes from a rather fanatic hindu family with some members being very anti-moslem. It is ironic that some dumb folks in the US government think everyone with a brown skin is a moslem...bunch of morons if you ask me!
  2. Confused!'s Avatar
    Hi Greg. I'm confused. Do they not already have valid work visas? If so, why would they need to go through a security check each time they leave the country for a holiday?

    If this is the case, when I head back to Singapore for my summer vacation, would I be subjected to this same screening before returning (I have a valid L1 as well as a AP and EAD from my I485 submission)?

  3. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    A new security clearance happens each time someone leaves and needs a new visa stamp.
  4. Vivek Shah's Avatar
    How stupid that if I use the recently issued I-131 to return to the US, there's no security check but if I apply for a Visa stamp with an already approved petition...there's a security check. This absolutely makes no sense. But I guess that's just like any other thing that this government, USCIS or DOS does!
  5. Soulat's Avatar
    To George Chell in Singapore:

    I am a bit confused after reading the last two sentences of your post and a clarification will be much appreciated; is it wrong for your hindu acquaintance to be anti-muslim? or is it wrong for the US government to think that every brown skinned person is a muslim? or is it that the government should screen for muslims in a more targeted manner and subject just them to this kind of treatment? Exactly what are you trying to say?
  6. George Chell in Singapore's Avatar
    What I am trying to say is that the US government thinks all brown skinned persons are moslems. No I am not asking that moslems be targeted. And yes, a combination of dumb American regulations and Aussies bashing Indians would mean that more jobs will move to Singapore from both countries and tax revenues would be lost at a time when we cannot afford to loose tax revenues.
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