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Immigration advocacy group America's Voice is sponsoring an online petition drive calling on the Justice Department to investigate Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the virulently anti-immigrant sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, one of the most populous counties in America. Here's the letter they're asking folks to sign:

Honorable Eric Holder

Attorney General of the United States

U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20530

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that you direct your
office to investigate Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona,
for gross civil rights violations in the name of immigration

No official is above the law, and yet Sheriff Arpaio has engaged in
racial profiling and civil rights abuses for years with impunity.

The case against the publicity-hungry Sheriff is well documented and
horrifying. Joe Arpaio has made a mockery of our justice system by:

  • Relying heavily on racial
    profiling and double standards: routinely stopping drivers for minor
    violations and only forcing "Latino-looking" drivers to produce Social
    Security cards.

  • Engaging in sidewalk
    "crime sweeps" in low-crime communities - detaining those who cannot
    prove their citizenship status on the spot, while allowing dangerous
    felons to roam free.

  • Promoting horrifying detention conditions that have been condemned by health agencies and human rights organizations.

Arpaio's prisons have been stripped of their health standards
accreditation, the Mayor of Phoenix and other law enforcement officials
have denounced the Sheriff's tactics, the Governor of Arizona has
pulled some of his key funding, and over 2,700 lawsuits have been filed
against him. Meanwhile, crime has surged. The Sheriff's office has over
40,000 outstanding warrants for real felons that it simply hasn't had
time to tackle.

Mr. Attorney General, elected officials are subject to our nation's
laws. Sheriffs should be held accountable for fighting crime, not
rewarded for spreading fear. We request an immediate Department of
Justice investigation into Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his appalling tactics.

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  1. Another voice's Avatar
    WOW, I wonder if based on today's statements by the AG, he will move on something like this to set an example....
  2. George Chell's Avatar
    At the minimum he will bring down the entire realty industry in Arizona before he goes, plunging Arizona into a Great Depression. I will bet on one thing..either the Arizona electoral votes remain the same or they decline by one or two with Hispanics leaving.
  3. F's Avatar
    Long live sheriff Joe!
  4. Barrie Johnson's Avatar
    this letter is a joke, we need another 1000 of Sheriff Joe's
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