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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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Have you noticed an uptick in comments from anti-immigrant posters you've never seen here before? There's a reason.

A friend of mine forwarded me the latest email newsletter from the nice folks at the Federation for American Immigration Reform and they have a little article discussing the Gillibrand Senate appointment mentioning how pro-immigration groups were reacting with concern over Ms. Gillibrand's record. I happened to have been one of the first to write about the Congresswoman's immigration record and it caught their attention:

Last week's confirmation of Senator Hillary Clinton as Secretary of
State created a vacancy in the United States Senate.  Even before
Governor David Paterson (D-NY) could officially announce that he was
appointing Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) to fill the vacated
Senate seat, the open-borders lobby came out in full force in
opposition to the Governor's choice.  (Rochester Homepage,
January 24, 2009). Greg Siskind, a prominent pro-amnesty blogger wrote
that "her appointment will be extremely disappointing to the
pro-immigrant community."  Siskind's blog, widely distributed on the
pro-amnesty email alert network, warns that, "Unless Gillibrand
dramatically changes her views on immigration, she will very likely
face a primary opponent when her seat is up." (Siskind's Blog Post).

It's always nice to get a compliment.

[UPDATE: Apparently, a right wing publication has picked up the FAIR story as well.


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  1. Another Voice's Avatar
    Bring it on we'll be happy to debate them and send them back to their blogs crying!!!!
  2. Tony's Avatar
    Another Voice, I will gladly debate the immigration issue with you or any other person. Bottom line I think we need to hold our politicians and businesses accountable for their actions. This would end most of the immigration issues in our country.
  3. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    Oh, "Tony, the 5 million illegal foreclosers"? I would suggest you get some education on the issue before trying to debate based on complete and utter ignorance.
  4. JoeF's Avatar
    @Tony: The bottom line is that we need immigrants. What we don't need are xenophobics.

  5. George Chell's Avatar
    "Another Voice, I will gladly debate the immigration issue with you or any other person. Bottom line I think we need to hold our politicians and businesses accountable for their actions. This would end most of the immigration issues in our country."

    Americans voted and defeated many prominent anti-immigrant politicians on November 4, 2008..Get over it!

  6. George Chell's Avatar
    Problem is many people, particularly the xenophobes still dont get it..unless foreigners buy up property in this country, especially in places such as Arizona, we will not recover from the housing crisis and hence the economic mess for a very long time. Some millionaire and billionaire Chinese are beginning to buy it through investor visa, to the great chagrin of these xenophobes, but houses in Arizona still do not have many takers...and who can blame them!
  7. xl's Avatar
    I'm not an anti-immigrant person, but I do think one should not count on immigrants to solve the economic crisis the US is facing now. Bringing 12 million illegal immigrants out of the shadow might be a humane thing to do, but to say it'll bring our economy back to track? I don't believe it. I think what we really need to do is to try our best to retain those foreign graduates with a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) major and have them work in the US to help the US economy more competitive. I'm not saying we don't need agricultural works or butchers, I'm saying these graduates from US schools with advanced degrees and trainings we urgently need will contribute more to our economy and help it to recover faster.
  8. JoeF's Avatar
    @xl: Keeping college graduates here is certainly one of the things high on the priority list: These people need to get H1s, and a fast-track to a Greencard. The current waiting times for Greencards, up to 10 years, is ridiculous and hurts the US economy.
    But don't underestimate the purchasing power of illegals. I am sure lot of them have saved quite a lot of money. And since they couldn't get credit cards, they didn't live on borrowed money. Allowing them to get drivers licenses, for example, could help the car industry. And while they won't be buying $5M mansions, I am sure lots of them can afford down payments for a normal house. And their earning potential would increase when they are out of the shadows.
  9. Tony's Avatar
    How can I be Xenophobic when my family and my wife are immigrants? You guys are hilarious.

    My wife still has a I-551. You people still call them IMMIGRANTS which is a sign of your ignorance. An immigrant is a person who enters the United States LEGALLY. Immigration officials do NOT waste their time with people with a PENDING status unless they are a criminal.
    Immigrants do NOT enter the United States illegally. Come on people you pretend to be educated but I have not read one statement from any of you liberals addressing the fact that illegal aliens have entered the United States illegally which differs from immigrants.
    Lastly, I also haven't heard anyone address the issue of some of these employers, who force illegal aliens to work 90 hours a week or more in poor working conditions, often times working in hazardous areas.
  10. Dream Act Guy's Avatar
    Don't give up on Gillibrand just yet. Much to the dismay of the restrictionists, she's already showing signs of rethinking her position on immigration. Sen. Schumer already said Gillibrand's views will "evolve" to fit New York. Gillibrand is also reaching out to Assemblyman Peter Rivera and New York immigration groups.
  11. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Dream Act Guy - All indications are that Gillibrand will moderate her views, but it's important to make it clear that people are paying attention.
  12. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Tony - We used to have a hardcore anti-immigrant poster here (longtime readers will remember him) who usually would talk about his immigrant wife and then go on and on bashing immigrants. It is not an uncommon phenomenon to see immigrants themselves extreme anti-immigration views. Peter Brimelow and Michele Malkin are two prominent examples. I've had a good chuckle in my office over the years when I have a British or Canadian or German national in my office who has been illegally present in the US for months or years and then complaining about all of the illegal Mexicans.

    I call it the "slam the door behind you" philosophy.
  13. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    "Immigrants do NOT enter the United States illegally."

    Yes, they do, and they will, and they have for ages. Coming to the US without asking anyone's permission is as American as apple pie and pilgrims.

    "How can I be Xenophobic when my family and my wife are immigrants? "

    That's a very common case, actually (Lou Dobbs and our friend Roy immediately come to mind). You should talk about it with your therapist.
  14. JoeF's Avatar
    @tony: "How can I be Xenophobic when my family and my wife are immigrants?"
    Unfortunately, a lot of immigrants have xenophobic tendencies.
    It is "I am in, now the door can be closed."

    "Immigrants do NOT enter the United States illegally."
    They do, and they have for centuries.
    Oh, and even the current governor of California apparently was at some point illegal in the US, since he worked while on a visitor visa, as his autobiography mentions.
  15. George Chell's Avatar
    Look fellows..a tough law and order country such as Singapore cannot stop illegal aliens even with the threat of caning..what makes you think the US would stop illegal aliens without literally having a KGB and becoming another Soviet Union. Former President Bush and the so-called freedom loving Republicans got us half way there with wiretapping and spying on Americans plus detention without trial..but I dont think President Obama has the stomach to take it much further.
  16. Melissa Chase's Avatar
    Tony - since we are going to get into a discussion of legally correct terminology regarding "Immigrants" you may want to re-check your facts on using the term "illegal aliens". A person cannot be "illegal" - they can be undocumented, without status, or present without authorization in the U.S. - but a human being cannot BE illegal. I am pretty sure our very own Declaration of Independence states "that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".
    Truly it is xenophobia which has created this terminology "illegal" as applied to an undocumented person in the U.S. when we don't even apply that term to our own convicted felons - we don't call them illegal criminals. We state that they are convicted felons who committed an illegal ACT - this doesn't make THEM illegal, it indicates the action they performed was illegal.
  17. Jack's Avatar
    'Coming to the US without asking anyone's permission is as American as apple pie and pilgrims.'

    Nice respect for law you have there, Legal and no longer waiting.

    Greg, Michelle Malkin was born in Philadelphia.
  18. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    Jack, you are wrong again. I stated a simple historical fact, which has nothing to do with my relationship with the law.
  19. Jack's Avatar
    Maybe not your relationship with the law, but it reads as if your attitude toward violation of immigration law is one of condonation. 'Apple pie' sounds less like historical fact and more like breaking rules is an American value or a tradition to be celebrated.
  20. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    Jack, I don't know about celebrating (not a big fan of the apple pie), but you may want to thank you acestors for it.
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