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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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The way I see it, here are regulations that have effective dates that must be postponed -

E-Verify federal contractor rule (20 February 2009)
New I-9 form (effective 2 February 2009)

Quite a few rules had effective dates just before the new President took office. Yup - I'm sure that was just a big coincidence. In case you're interested, they are

ESTA  (January 12th)
US VISIT applicable to green card holders (January 18th)
H-2B (January 18th)
H-2A (January 17th)
Voluntary Departure (January 20th)
EOIR Attorney rules (January 20th)
T & U Rule (January 12th)
DNA collection (January 9th)
Diversity Visas (January 19th)
Visa Waiver Program for Guam and Northern Mariana Islands (January 16th)

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  1. Question's Avatar
    Am I right that no other Administration, at least no Democratic Administration, has ever published last-minute regs?
  2. USC2's Avatar
    Nope. Clinton published a huge number of "midnight" regulations. Must say I'm surprised people around here are opposed to the T&U regs.
  3. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Just because Clinton did it, doesn't mean it is acceptable. As for the substance of any of them, that's beside the point. The agencies should have held off from releasing non-urgent rules during the lame duck period.
  4. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    And USC2, why don't you tell folks who you work for?
  5. JoeF's Avatar
    The one regulation that is absolutely stupid and a colossal waste of money is the US VISIT for Permanent Residents rules. PRs have already provided fingerprints and photo. That's actually right there on the GC. This rule is nothing more than a raised middle finger to Permanent Residents.
  6. USC's Avatar
    Just to clarify, USC2 is not me or my alter ego.
  7. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    USC - If you want to email or Facebook me, I wanted to pass something on that isn't for the blog.
  8. USC's Avatar
    Thanks Greg, Right now I am stuck typing from my iPhone. I will email u tomorrow.
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