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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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And he's working on immigration again. Excellent.

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  1. Sid's Avatar
    Greg, a possible candidate for IOTD.
  2. Another voice's Avatar
    I hope so, not sure about him after the campaign he really is going to look like a flip flop!!
  3. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    AV, McCain is what I would call "honest politician". He will do whatever it takes to get elected. He will lie, cheat, steal, play buddies with overt bigots and racist, pick a blunderwoman for a VP - anything goes. When in the office, however, he will be reliably pursuing things he has pursued before, no matter how many times he denounced them during the campaign. I find it comforting how predictable he really is.
  4. George Chell's Avatar
    By the time congress gets around to it, most illegals, other than those married to US citizens would have left the country..and CIR would be a moot point...yes, however, eventually they would need a guest worker program.
  5. 's Avatar

    I thought he is always the *old* McCain (gray hair

    On a serious note, what is the chance of CIR passing in the first year of Obama's presidency. With all these economic turmoils and international issues, I would say zero.
    Any one see any good reason otherwise?
  6. ted sallador's Avatar
    I am glad the Senate Republican hierarchy is recognizing their number one folly : demagoguing the immigration reform.

    Though it's a positive sign that they lament their 2008 loss ( and possibly their political obituaries), I yet to see a CIR epiphany from the usual xenophobes and demagogues,notably Senators from the South like Session, Vitter, Demint,Bunning to name a few--who are following the drumbeat of their political advisers--Rush Limbaugh and the hate radio hosts.

    Who will step in the shoes of Senator Lott from the South who can neutralize these southern rednecks? Will Senator Graham continue the reasonable fight against the demagogues of his own party?
  7. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Thanks Sid. Good suggestion for future post.
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