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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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America's Voice has noted that Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been given a reality television show on Fox television. Paco Fabien, AV's communications director explains why we should care:

"This reality series won't capture the reality of the Latino
population living in Maricopa County. Sheriff Arpaio's dangerous crusade
has left the Latino community scared and his county less safe by prioritizing
racial profiling over executing felony warrants.   FOX television,
famous for its controversial shows, may not realize how controversial a figure
Arpaio is to the Latino community in the United States and should expect a
backlash. He is a modern day Bull Connor and should not be given a
spotlight on national television unless it is to highlight how his approach to
law enforcement is un-American and ineffective."

A lot of younger people won't know who Bull Connor is, but the comparison is right on target. Television networks pay a lot of attention to complaints and you should make your opinions known if you are outraged by this.

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  1. USC's Avatar
    Right leaning WSJ, in today's lead editorial, has this to say about the Rs:

    "But the political reality is that Republicans who thought that channeling Lou Dobbs would save their seats will soon be ex-Members."

    Greg, has previously reported about Martinez trying to find a place with the elephants. Apparently, he concluded today that there was no room for him in this party:
  2. George Chell's Avatar
    However, Chambliss won today. But then again, Georgia is a racist surprise here.
  3. Another voice's Avatar
    Sounds like a continuation of FOX news tradition continues with this show I am sure the O'Riley followers will love it.
  4. Steve's Avatar
    Just another publicity stunt from the much sued and racist sherriff of Maricopa County. He actually said that "I'm not going to brag," Arpaio said, "but there isn't anybody in the world who doesn't know who this sheriff is." Absolutely psychotic and self aggrandizing. i asked about 12 relatives from out of town and they had no clue who sherriff joe is, but while there is real crime every minute in PHX, Joe will be spending time on a stage getting makeup, and I'm sure his nutball supporters will love this train wreck of an idea More dilution of the function of the sherriffs office by an egotistical jerk who is out of touch with reality. In reality Joe, most americans have no clue who you are, and even fewer CARE!
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