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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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Nicely done.


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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    I finally get it. Kirkorian and CIS want fewer immigrants so that more incompetent American born CEOs will get jobs, eg. Dan Mudd and Richard Fuld. Then they will run the corporations and the country to the ground, which would mean fewer immigrants would come to America with a poorer economy and everyone in the anti group will be happy. What we are now having is a perfect Kirkorian vision for America!

    You need to do a piece showing that fewer foreign management talent and not including business and finance in STEM professions for practical training resulted in the proliferation of unqualified US citizens getting CEO jobs in the finance industry and running those corporations as well as the country to the ground. What Kirkorian really wants is more bank and financial institution failures so that fewer immigrants would come to this country. They are gloating about how a poor economy led to immigration being cut in halr! They are rooting for a poorer economy.
  2. peter's Avatar
    The CIS study may be ridiculously partisan, self-serving and agenda driven, but Frank Sharry (America's Voice), who accused the Bush administration and ICE officials of engaging in "ethnic cleansing", Janet Murguia (La Raza), who regularly accuses those with whom she disagrees of being "racist", "hateful," xenophobes and Luis Gutierrez (a U.S. Congressman), who has called the Bush administration "the Gestapo" are guilty of similar bouts of demogoguery.

    It's the height of hypocrisy for people like Sharry to feign outrage at anything the CIS does to further its agenda. The anti-anti illegal immigration forces have done and said much worse.

    I am an immigration lawyer and decidely pro-immigration. I think the H-1B cap should be quadrupled, for instance.

    However, I am tired blowhards like Sharry, Marguia and Gutierrez trying to censor others by demonizing them, never being called on it themselves. Instead they are consistently beatified here and in other anti-immigration enforcement(anti Bush administration) sites such as ImmigrationProf Blog.

    Just once, Mr. Siskind, let me see you admonish someone like Sharry for his inflammatory and irresponsible rhetoric. Then maybe I'll be moved to action when you admonish organizations like the CIS.

  3. Peter's Avatar
    "They are rooting for a poorer economy."

    Yeah, George, that's right. Just like elements of the left are rooting for America's defeat in Iraq.

  4. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    Greg, I disagree that this is nicely done. This is NOT helpful at all because it just repeats what the antis say, in a way, pushing their cause.

    I like the way Jon Stewart makes fun of bs of this kind - with a counter argument, like, apparently, CIS thinks that if people don't move to the US they stop using electricity in their homes, stop driving, stop working in factories, and even stop breathing. Or bringing up the fact that numerous studies refuted the myth of voting by non-eligible immigrants, and there has been like a single conviction on these grouns in the last 10 years - how that phenomena is going to tip the scale in this election, only CIS knows.
  5. George Chell's Avatar
    "Yeah, George, that's right. Just like elements of the left are rooting for America's defeat in Iraq."

    Actually right wing is also rooting for US defeat in Pat Buchanan. Then again, Pat Buchanan sounds like a communist rather than a conservative as much as Kirkorian and CIS are racists! If they are seriously interested in cultivating American talent they would be screaming bloody murder every time the education budget is cut in California or elsewhere. But, they dont, which makes me think that they want to preserve jobs for the incompetent American born CEOs so that they can run our economy to the ground and reduce the number of people coming to our country. In fact, they succeeded very well last year, without a single legislation passed curbing immigration! Poorer the economy, less immigrants and happier the CIS.

  6. Jack's Avatar

    First, it's immigration POLICY at issue. Second, the criticism misleads by making it sound as if environmental arguments claim that this is the sole cause of global warming. That would be something to criticize. Of course, no one, not even CIS, says that.

    You may not like the messenger (CIS) or their political motivation, but the essence of what that report states is irrefutable. Immigration to a net receiving country with higher per capita CO2 emissions than the sending country causes a net increase in worldwide CO2 emissions. That's simply a fact. It's common sense and only someone with a completely closed mind to any possible negative consequence of U.S. immigration could fail to see it. How much weight to give this single factor in formulating immigration policy is debatable and, naturally, an immigration fetish group like Sharry's America's Voice completely and flippantly dismisses it with zero factual support given. I notice that such groups' attacks on the environmental argument, amongs others, are rarely on their merits but are ad hominem. A lesson in logic: just because FAIR or CIS makes or repeats an argument doesn't mean it must not be true.

    Then there are individual country issues such as how will the U.S. reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions if the country's population is set to double every few decades? The vast majority of that growth will be due to mass immigration. Anyone who claims to be an environmentalist should not put their head in the sand just because these stubborn facts don't fit with their personal politics.
  7. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    Jack, your analysis has many fatal flaws. For example, you assume if someone from a country with low CO2 emissions moves to the US, their CO2 emissions increase to the the average in the US, and they have no impact on general CO2 emissions. This is simply not true.

    If we are talking about majority of non-skilled immigrants, it does not take a genius to recognize that they do not live in 3,000 sq. ft. houses and do not drive Suburbans. Most live just as modestly (or, maybe even more modestly) than in their home countries, use public transportation, and do not induldge in over-consuption fueled by leveraging against everything they own. On top of it, US factories/machinery are more energy efficient than most foreign factories, thus these workers are likely to have lower footprint because they help cut down on total world's emissions.

    If we are talking about skilled immigration, then it shoudl be noted that these people generally have higher CO2 footprint in their home countries compared to the average - they own larger dwellings, drive cars, and fly around the world. So, again, the change between their CO2 emissions due to the move are negligible. Plus, it is quite evident that immigrants in high tech industry directly and indirectly contribute the development of energy-efficient technologies, thus probably more than compensating for any negative impact they may have had.

    Life is a little bit more complicated than comparison of averages, Jack. People like want everything to be simple, but it is not. So when you compare the impact of the increase in population in the US on emissions you should compare it what would have heppened - namely, all these people living in their (very fast developing) countries, buying cars, building larger dwellings, having more children - and see where you end up.
  8. Sid's Avatar

    How about encouraging U.S. citizens to change their ways first before going after immigrants? Many immigrants will only do what they perceive is the norm.

    We saw this summer that with the correct price signals, Americans are willing to change their wasteful ways - willing to take public transport or shun SUVs in favor of hybrids or bike to work.

    If Americans consume less, immigrants will take the cue. Instead of trying to change their own people, scumbags like the people at CIS prefer to blame others.
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