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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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From America's Voice:


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  1. Sid's Avatar
    This is probably the most honest ad yet on immigration.
  2. ASDF's Avatar

    There are Dems amongst USC (not the far left) who don't want illegal immigrants to be given amnesty. Just stop painting Mccain as the bad guy. Status Quo was NOT an option. IMO, McCain did the right thing at the right time, given the circumstances. If any of you is thinking that Obama is not playing politics and Mccain is, dream on. Your dreams will be shattered in one year. Atleast Mac tried. What did Obama do? Run for the next higher office all the time. Let's see how the media darling Obama will act on CIR. He will work with Durbin (who thinks its ok to pass DREAM act, but not ok to recapture ( I am for DREAM act ) )) to shut the door on H1B's. We all know how Durbin and Grassley threatened the whole program because of few idiots who screwed up. The truth GOP and its base has learned/will continue to learn is that Immigration bill will pass one day, if not today and that will happen when GOP will call for a major reconstruction project.

    Most of the American public is misinformed by Lou Doggs (who says that 550K NEW immigrant visas to steal american jobs) and right wing idiots.

    The worst part about obama's candidacy is that he is making so many promises that are impossible to stand up to not only because of what he can do but also because of what he is limited by. The right wing nut jobs activate their army at the slightest move of any immigration bill and makes it sound as if Immigration is the biggest issue. Misinformation is the second biggest reason right next to bigotry and racism.
  3. Dan's Avatar
    McCain is not a bad guy....he has honest intention but he just doesn't get it...he doesn't know the real solution to the existing issues and problems.

    His choice of Palin just showed that he wanted the Presidency very badly that he would do anything to get it...and one of that is to choose a VP that could get his rating higher and another is to back-out from his own CIR...

    He would not be a good President on a recession time...he would just put the blame to anyone but him...imagine putting the blame on the current economic problems to Obama?

    It's like blaming a passenger of a train for a crash for doing nothin' than to the pilot of the train for not stopping on a red light because the pilot was busy about himself who is near to the pilot?
  4. GOPundit's Avatar
    Sen. McCain: Wrong party (GOP)!!! No More GOP!
    GOP: Gestapo Party + Immigrant Haters + Crooks + Rush + Hannity + Sen Jeff Sessions + Dobbs + Tom Tancredo

    No McCain no GOP no Palin!!
  5. ASF's Avatar

    When did he do this? Unless I am mistaken, the media is taking on McCain because he called for sacking Chris Cox, SEC chief.

    I agree with McCain on this because those 799 financial stocks that were excluded from naked shorting 2 days ago should have been done like some what before June. He simply let shorter make money. Not only they made money shorting, they killed them to the point where there is no life left in them. Chris Cox probably is not the most culpable person but he should have done better. Is McCain making him the guinea pig? Yes/No. It depends on how you see it. What I find mysteriously wrong with both campaigns is neither campaign called Paulson/Bernanke/Cox and asked for stopping these shorts except on a day of panic.

    It's like blaming a passenger of a train for a crash for doing nothin' than to the pilot of the train for not stopping on a red light because the pilot was busy about himself who is near to the pilot?

    You mean train and driver?? or flight and pilot. It was funny to read. No offense.

    Fellas, Always remember that what you see is NOT what you get.

    All these polls are rubbish. Who ever wins most of OH,FL and those 13 battleground states, he gets it. As one of the RCP article said, race is undercurrent in this election and don't be surprised if the white vote swings Mccain way on big day in those states. This is NOT yet 2040. We are still in 2010. *****!
  6. 24AheadDotCom's Avatar
    No audio on this computer, but I see the same Bearded Angry White Man (the one with the water bottle) who also appeared in a smear ad placed by other groups. Shared graphics perhaps? Is he someone we're supposed to know? The other people with what appear to be confederate flags, are they friends of LouDobbs, or is that just an attempt to smear?

    Even the NYT admitted that Frank Sharry's previous group got $40,000 from a company that profits from illegal immigration ( When I asked him in a chat at FireDogLake how much they and his current group got from similar companies he didn't reply, despite the fact that their chat went several minutes without anyone else asking any other questions.

    Follow the money.
  7. Kalifornian's Avatar
    Why Obama might loose the contest :;_ylt=Atka0CeKTcVCVCQj5rq57EGs0NUE

    I think it will take another two generations to clear out the racial bias.
    - Kalifornian ( a 'brown' one from 3rd world . I have endured racial slurs in California ).
  8. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    I think the point the article seems to be missing is that there is no evidence that people are lying to pollsters and that Obama doesn't enjoy the lead he's currently seeing in the polls. It's just that he might be up by more. And I suspect that a larger than normal turn out with black voters will somewhat make up for the difference. The race is still close as is seen from McCain's brief overtaking of Obama in the polls, but in a normal election cycle, Obama might be in a position to win a landslide.
  9. ASDF's Avatar

    We will know in six weeks whether race is undercurrent or not. The 20-30 age group support which Obama has enjoyed so far needs to show up on the big day. Do kids @ school get a day off to go home and vote??

    Popular vote != Electoral college vote.

    Win the max out of 13 battleground states and get into WH. Period.

    Black vote in pockets of Major metro cities and south does not matter. Probably PA black vote can make a difference. I doubt MO black vote can make such a huge dent.Except Northern VA, VA is REDDD! This is the exact point Hillary made and possibly will come true. Winning a democratic primary in Idaho, Wyoming or RED SOUTH does not freaking make sense.

    Barack cannot win the election without winning one of OH and FL. When I checked last time, Mac was doing well in both states.

    The debates are coming and Big Mac is going to feast on Obama in the town hall set up. I have seen Barack go against Hillary and Hillary tore him to pieces. If Barack goes on to lose this election, He will repent for dumping Hillary and Bubba all his life. Chance of a life time. Probably Hillary and Bubba want that for a 2012 run. After all who else does the Dems have? They did not have any one in 2004 and pushed Obama on to the pedestal. Media jumped on the bandwagon.
  10. Dan's Avatar
    It seems that the GOP wanted to play a racial game in this election....that's the only way they see how McCain can win!

    I think we will see an offensive Obama in these debates while McCain will try to outwit Obama...

    Obama will win this election in the end. McCain cannot solve the problem started by Bush and Bush is giving him more problems...
  11. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    My point was that the race factor is built already in to the polls. What the article didn't say is that there is no evidence that people are lying to pollsters and producing the so-called "Bradley Effect". This was shown in the primaries where Obama performed as well or better than the polls. And it was shown in my state of Tennessee two years ago in the Corker-Ford Senate race where Ford, a black candidate, performed better than the polls suggested. So if Obama is leading in the opinion polls at the time of the actual election, I'd say his chances will be very good. Furthermore, there is reason to believe that the Democrats will outperform the polls for four reasons -

    1. polls rate "likely" voters in part based on whether a voter voted in previous elections. Obama's ground game far outpacing McCain in registering new voters will be key.

    2. energy - despite picking Palin and energizing some Christian right wing voters, polls are showing a huge advantage for Obama in this area. And that usually turns out to better turnouts for one party over the other.

    3. cell phones - many polls do not include people who use cell phones as their exclusive phone number. Studies are showing that this population tends to vote Democrat and could give the Democrat a lot of extra votes.

    4. new citizens - there are three million new citizens since 2004 and they are overwhelmingly voting Democrat. Polls do not consider them likely voters because they've never voted in a presidential election before. And many don't feel comfortable being polled in English.
  12. Jack's Avatar
    Only three uses of 'anti-immigrant' in 49 seconds? That's only 1 every 16 seconds--Sharry, you can do better than that.

    Frank Sharry is a slippery fellow. If you want to call any reform without amnesty/pathway 'enforcement-only', that's one thing. But that's not good enough for Frank (and some others like National Immigration Forum's Douglas Rivlin too). They misleadingly uses 'deportation only' because they know deportation is not a terribly popular concept with the public.

    For the longest time, Sharry refused to even acknowledge the 'attrition through enforcement' concept, sticking to the dishonest mass deportation straw man argument. Finally, he was forced to address 'attrition through enforcement' and guess what he calls it? Ethnic cleansing!

    Right in his Reform Agneda statement he calls those who opposes CIR 'rabid', says they offer no solutions of their own (uh, ever hear of the SAVE Act?), and says those who oppose his beloved CIR want to deport 12 million. But he'll say whatever he thinks it will take to win so in a way he's kind of like the politicians he so sanctimoniously condemns.

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