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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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Gee, the late night talk show host jokes can literally write themselves with this one. ICE has announced a brilliant new program to "encourage" illegally present immigrants to report for deportation.

Here's ICE head Julie Myers description of the grand plan:

Myers told the network that "Operation Scheduled Departure" will
allow illegal immigrants without criminal records a chance to literally
"self-deport" by turning themselves in to her agents.

She said the idea derived from a common complaint voiced by
immigrant detainees: If given the opportunity, they'd rather just go
home than be holed up in immigration prisons.

Under the new program, those still walking free will have the chance
to walk into ICE offices, be processed and get a few weeks to arrange
their affairs, pack their belongings and ship out of the country
without being detained.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association had its own take on the announcement.

Of course, if someone wants to leave the country, there's an easier way. It's called Greyhound.

Thanks, by the way, to reader Nitin for the post suggestion.

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  1. Sid's Avatar
    If they had dangled a carrot like their 3/10 year ban would be overturned it would have made sense. Otherwise, what do they gain by self-deporting themselves? If the 12 million figure is accurate, the chances are still pretty slim that ICE will be able to catch and deport them.
  2. JarJar's Avatar
    Believe it or not, 12 million is a big figure. Even if you announced that you're giving them the opportunity to shoot themselves, you're bound to find some takers. I guarantee there will be lots of people to self-deport (every food chain has bottom feeders)
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