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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    One can only wish that the US follows Australia's lead regarding skilled immigration. The first step would be to get rid of section 214(b) for foreign students..I think this is killing us. We also need to get rid of national quotoas for skilled immigrants.
  2. nova's Avatar
    I didn't know they send asylum seekers to jail in America. But I was wondering what happens to the children, if the parents' application for asylum, or any type of permanent residence is denied? Doesn't it take 5-10 years just to process the cases? The child becomes an adult and then what? A good idea will be to stop punishing children of illegal immigrants ( or visa overstays), who were brought to USA as minors. It is unbelievable that someone gets banned from university or gets 10 years ban from coming back legally (few recent stories in the media come to mind) , because his or her parents didn't have papers or overstayed a visa. It is the equivalent of sending American children to jail, expelling them from school, or denying them access to universities, if they ever took a ride in car with a parent who didn't have valid drivers license and registration. Yes , I understand that no one wants to reward a child for a crime his parent have committed ( if immigration is considered a crime), but there is a huge difference between "not rewarding" and "punishing". It is absurd that those, who grew up as illegal immigrant children have no remedy. They can neither stay nor go. I wonder if they are supposed to steal money for a ticket ( since they can't work), pass security undetected ( since they have no papers) and board a plane to deport themselves somewhere? Is that going to make it all right for them to come back legally next year and go to the university or accept a job offer?
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