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While I normally don't deviate from the immigration-related theme of this blog, the news of NBC News Washington bureau chief Tim Russert's untimely death is stunning and very sad and I did not think the news should go unmentioned. Russert was certainly one of the nation's most admired journalists and one of the country's most recognized and influential public figures. His sudden passing is the more shocking because he was truly at the pinnacle of his career and was so visible in this year's presidential campaign.

Most Americans will remember the white board from the election eve coverage from the 2000 Presidential election that stated thee words - "Florida, Florida, Florida" to very presciently signal what would become the most extraordinary election in Americn history. Just recently, his pronouncement after the Indiana primary that the Clinton campaign was over upset many, but most had no doubt that if Russert says it is so, it must be so. Senator Joe Lieberman once very appropriately called Russert the "Explainer in Chief" and his analysis and tough questioning will be missed.

[Update: In watching the coverage of Russert's death, mention has been made that he was a lawyer in addition to a journalist. Certainly a credit to our profession.]

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  1. jamesvanderbeek's Avatar
    Sad day ... I was absolutely shocked to hear the news.. Journalism lost a giant. I hope that his life and his deeds inspire a lot of "Tim Russerts" to some how fill his place. Tremendous loss indeed.
  2. George Chell from Singapore's Avatar
    Very Sad indeed. He will be sorely missed. He was pretty accurate about Florida in 2000. Sincere condolences to his family. May his soul rest in peace.

    On another note, I will write a short note about Amereican and British expat attitudes towards foreigners coming and working in the US/UK once I return to the US, later this week...pretty disturbing or should I say pretty infuriating to say the least!
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