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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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Here is the text of the Executive Order. The Chertoff press conference starts at 1 pm eastern time, but I checked with C-SPAN and they are taping it and will re-broadcast it later. If DHS releases the text of the statement, I'll post it here.

One key item - DHS is permitted to delay making the order effective until it issues a formal rule. Sources tell me that a proposed rule is now in the works.

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  1. Chakademus's Avatar
    WSow. This is a big one. Those of us who are already frustrated by the slow pace and irrationality of the legal immigration system are possibly faced with what could be another hurdle, another piece of red tape. Folks going through the immigration system are much more likely to be flagged for no good reason. Because of our precarious immigration status, any mistake could mean giving up our dreams of American residency and leaving, in order not to be out of status. The funny thing qualified skilled professionals are more likely to play by the rules and pack up and leave, just the kind of people the US needs.

    As much as I love this country, make no mistake about it, this is institutionalized meanness.
  2. EB3's Avatar
    Siskind: Two sentences in Tuesday morning's USCIS testimony before House Judiciary will be of special interest to you. Listen carefully.
  3. hmm's Avatar
    This is actually good news. Now there will be more high profile cases involving Senate stuffers, top governement officials, university administrators getting stuck in e-veryfy, so the service and reliability of the system will have to improve. I mean now everybody will have to eat the shit they have been feeding us all along, so the government would have to add more sugar till it is passable.
  4. 's Avatar
    What EB3 may be getting at below is that Scharfen explicitly stated in his testimony before House Judiciary last week that an employer is prohibited from firing an alien with a E-Verify tentative nonconfirmation pending resolution by SSA or DHS, provided the request for resolution was submitted within the statutorily required 8-day period, for as long as it takes SSA or DHS to resolve the TNC (even if resolution takes longer than the 8-day or 10-day periods). Siskind does not understand the law surrounding E-Verify very well and has insisted in previous postings that the employer must fire the alien if the TNC is not resolved within 8 days.
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