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Carl Shusterman's Immigration Update

CIR: You Can't Always Get What You Want (When You Want It)

Rate this Entry I am a strong supporter of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR).

I have been on both sides of the fence. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, I was an attorney for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. I spent a couple of years representing the government in deportation proceedings, often conducted in Federal prisons. Are there people in the U.S. who should be deported? Absolutely! I have no regrets.

But even while serving as an INS Attorney, I fully realized that the man that I deported on Friday afternoon would be back in the U.S., working at his job to feed his family probably before I showed up for work the next Monday. What a waste of time and taxpayers' money!

We need a DREAM Act, an AgJobs Act, a Guest Worker program, and a Path to Citizenship. We also need to fix the broken legal immigration system which penalizes people who play by the rules. All of this must be coupled with strong enforcement both at the border and at the workplace.

We also need to be realistic. With double-digit unemployment lowering the living standards of Americans, won't these needed immigration reforms be a hard sell? Look at the contortions that the Administration has been going through to try to achieve health care reform. Look at what happened to Teddy Kennedy's Senate seat yesterday. The 2010 elections are only months away.

If CIR is voted upon in 2010, I do not expect the result to look anything like the Gutierrez bill. It will be a bill that will make a mockery of everything we have fought for. Mandatory E-Verify, local enforcement of heavy-handed immigration restrictions, more detention centers, less rights for immigrants.

I recommend that we consider piecemeal reforms in 2010, and reassess the situation in 2011.

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Updated 12-02-2013 at 04:45 PM by CShusterman

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  1. Zhengyi Wu, attorney's Avatar
    The piecemeal idea is excellent. It is exactly what I would recommend. Do some easy ones, such as sunrise of Section 245i. Ease the I-601 waiver, blue card and Dream Act. Then we will push the ones left.
  2. San Padayao,II's Avatar
    I am a Son of a former US National at Birth Filipino whom was under INA,Section 326, who was a former NY Resident and an Army Honorable Discharge Veteran now deceased seeking for the the "incoming CIR" Approval.I would like to see that CHILDREN of former LPR be given JUSTICE and there RIGTHS by giving them the OPPORTUNITY to be in the "Special Immigrant Status" to enter the USA and reside regardless whether the there was any fault or any circumstances that was beyond the control of the petioner or Death.People who entered the US illegally are given the opportunity to be Legal resident but WHY those who seek to reside CANNOT enter Legally just because of the fact having NO-MORE Petitioner or the having an Approved FI-130 Petition are not given any ATTENTION whether there is a "Record of Approval".There is a need to really fix the Immigration also the RIGTHS of those Children now as an ADULT... DO and ACT the most needed to consider such as those who has a "Legal Record "in behalf for there SONS and DAUGTHERS and whose Fathers whom rendered or was a part of American Military Service....there should have a Immigration Benefit for them as there RIGTHS....for those Sons and Daughters Spouse and or the Widows....
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