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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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  1. A Nony Mouse's Avatar
    "And only a week after I met with him..."

  2. Jon's Avatar
    Hi Greg, In other news, it seems that the April 2008 Visa Bulletin has been released earlier but was removed. Do you have any info on this?

  3. :)'s Avatar
    He's invoking AC21?
  4. R. Lawson's Avatar
    Bush appointees to get while the getting is good. Many Presidential appointees leave around this time - when the President becomes a lame duck and their time in the organization is coming to a certain end.

    Even if it were a Republican president (McCain) elected, you can be sure of a shakeup.

    Any going away parties in the Department of Commerce or Labor? Good riddance to those ineffective administrators!
  5. Sid's Avatar
    I wouldn't be so harsh on him. A lot of improvements have happened under him. PERM is a definite improvement over the LC process that preceded it. Sure, it shares some of the same flaws but it's a lot more efficient. I got mine in 2 months and I-140 in 3 weeks before hitting the retrogression road block. There are folks at work who got their LC's after 4-5 years. Even getting to the I-140 stage gives you a lot of portability options. If the LC is not approved, you can't leave the company without losing your place in the queue.

    In terms of efficiency, the GC process is definitely a lot smoother now. If you are EB1 or EB2-ROW, you shouldn't have much to complain about. The bottlenecks for India/China/Mexico & Philipines are due to the per country quota and annual quota.

    He has been under a lot of pressure from all sides in the last few years and has done a fair bit to improve the GC experience for immigrants. I have no complaints against him.
  6. Sid's Avatar
    Actually, PERM was launched before he was appointed.
  7. alex's Avatar
    There seems to be another Visa bulletin fiasco about giving numbers to EB-2 India. The April 08 bulletin has been posted and retracted a few times already today. It seems they've hit the quota limits for this year, but DOS wants to ignore per-country limits and process India Eb-2 applications. Unfortunately, they're afraid some people might sue because World Eb-3 and China Eb-2 aren't current yet.

    I guess it is practically and logistically easier for them to ignore per-country limits and process EB-2 India, than to dig out applications from other countries, but they seem to be threading a bit of a shaky legal ground here.
  8. Kalifornian's Avatar
    I don't think India EB2 quota ran out for the year. Each quarter has a quota ( within the 7% limit ) .
  9. AD's Avatar
    The USCIS is not responsible for PERM. DOL is. PERM works now only because the system was rebooted by sweeping the backlog into the BECs. It is doubtful if PERM would hold up under another 245(i) triggered avalanche of applications.
  10. Gkas Sids's Avatar
    If the new Director turns out to be incompetent can you "meet him" right away?

    Just kidding ofcourse.
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