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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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Are you kidding me?

Dobbs was airing an incredible report last night actually insinuating that the people complaining about hate speech emanating from his show are actually the real bigots when he made this little doosy of a statement. I knew this was a lie, but how to convince readers that I'm not just being mean to old Lou? Then I remembered that CNN makes transcripts of all of its shows available online. So after two nights of pouring through transcripts (with some help from Google Advanced Search), I found the following:

Total number of stories discussing legal immigration topics (non-immigrant visas, immigrant visas, asylum): 98

Total stories with a positive statement about legal immigration: 2

Total stories with negative statements about legal immigration by Dobbs or one of his show's "reporters": 96

You can judge for yourself. I've prepared a memorandum linking to each one of these stories so people can make there own determination. Does the coverage look pro-legal-immigration to you?

[UPDATE: I've reorganized the list in alphabetical order. Originally, I grouped the stories by visa category, but some people were not reading past the first few sheets and assumed all the stories were about H-1Bs. Now you can more easily see that Mr. Dobbs is equal opportunity when it comes to bashing legal immigration programs]

[UPDATE: I've found several more stories where Dobbs attacks family "chain migration" saying, among other things, that the amount of family immigration has been "explosive"]

Download Dobbs.pdf

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  1. b's Avatar
    Lou's viewers must be stupid to believe what he spews. One can't remain ignorant for so long. I stopped watching him from 2005 after hearing the lies about H1B foreign workers.
  2. Vivek's Avatar
    Wow !! Greg you are the guy...who took a stab at his spews on legal immigration. Did you send a copy of this to CNN?
  3. 's Avatar
    I can't stand that guys contorted program, have never been interested in talks which center only on immigration & middle class!!!
  4. George Chell's Avatar

    Absolutely right. Dobbs never opposed legal long as they happen to be white, including white actors in Hollywood. Jay Leno made a joke that Dobbs plans to build a wall around Hollywood..he would if more and more Indian or other non-white actors showed up. Of course, many of the Indian actors look damn near white and Dobbs is perhaps too stupid to tell the difference!
  5. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    George - I don't think I've heard Lou say anything nice about immigrants in any group.
  6. Another voice's Avatar

    House OKs seizing vehicles from illegal immigrants

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 02/28/08

    A bill that would allow police to seize cars from illegal immigrants was approved by the House Thursday.

    Bill sponsor Rep. James Mills (R-Gainesville) repeatedly told House members Thursday the measure would protect Georgia citizens from the "epidemic" of illegal immigration. "The state of Georgia's door is being kicked down," Mills said. Immigrants are coming from "Iraq, Iran, Irania, Jordan. We don't know where they're from," Mills said.

    The measure passed 104 to 51, and will move to the Senate for consideration.

    The bill would allow police to seize any vehicle involved in a traffic violation or accident if it's driven by an illegal immigrant. That includes rented and leased vehicles if the owner knew, or should have known, the driver was an illegal immigrant. It also includes bank-owned cars if the interest-holder actually knew the driver was an illegal immigrant.

    The bill prompted a healthy floor debate. Some legislators asked how police would be able to determine whether a driver was an illegal immigrant during a traffic stop. Some wondered if it would create an atmosphere for racial profiling of drivers who police think might be illegal immigrants. Rep. Bob Lane (R-Statesboro), who represents rural south Georgia, worried farmers would lose their vehicles if they lent them to workers who might be illegal.

    "Would you have to go down to the police station and say, 'I didn't know this person was an illegal immigrant, and I lent him the car to go down to the store to get some grass seed?'" Lane asked.

    The vehicle seizure would work much the same way as property seizures in drug cases. But under the bill, if the owner of the vehicle presents a sworn affidavit that he or she did not know the driver was an illegal immigrant, they would get their car back, Mills said.

    The legislation is part of a package of about 10 Republican proposals introduced this legislative session aimed at discouraging illegal immigration in Georgia.
  7. Peter's Avatar
    CNN is most untrusted name in media company. I have stopped watching CNN channel and website for more than 2 years
  8. G2's Avatar
    Amazing job Greg!! Now whenever Lou Dobbs trumpets his "WE'VE NEVER OPPOSED LEGAL IMMIGRATION" defense line when he talks about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION someone can throw this pdf on his face.
  9. MP's Avatar
    SLAM DUNK!!!
  10. George Chell's Avatar
    "I don't think I've heard Lou say anything nice about immigrants in any group."

    But has he raised the issue of too many foreign actors in Hollywood unemploying aspiring American actors? I have not seen it. If so, a link would be useful.
  11. Kay's Avatar
    I don't think H1B program has anything to do with immigration. With some fairness to Lou, criticizing H1B program cannot be placed under same category as Not Supporting LEGAL IMMIGRATION.
  12. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Kay - I'm going to change my little report. It does appear that it's just about the H-1B. In reality, I grouped the 93 stories by topic covered. If you read on, you'll see negative stories about the H-2B, the H-2A, the labor certification process, family immigration and our asylum laws. I think I'm going to order them chronologically instead. Greg
  13. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    Key, well, Louny linked them himself when he complained that too many H1Bs are staying in the US beyond 6 years.
  14. Sobers's Avatar

    Dobbs is an anti-immigration (not just illegal immigration) demagogue and everyone knows it. But here's some real data that supports that fact. I think this should be sent to CNN, so they know really how "fair and balanaced" this show is.
  15. alterego's Avatar
    Well done Greg.
    Lou is exposed for what he truly is. A Self righteous, hypocritical bigot.
    Each time he speaks about his professed love for legal immigrant, you can see that part of him. When those like you and the Southern Poverty center expose him, he gets defensive.
    He is Anti all immigrant, it is just that if he would openly say it, he would lose his populist rant, do he distorts the debate.
  16. Kayla's Avatar
    Mr.Greg ,Its a nice hard work.Geting all these details.I stopped watching his low rated programme last year ...hate his programme.

    America is a land of law and immigrants-A statement given by democrate party during Presidential speech...

    and a liar in this country-Shame!!!
  17. George Chell's Avatar
    The only immigration Dobbs has no problems with or at least does not complain about is foreign actors in Hollywood...and with good reason...mostly they happen to be white. Bring in more Lucy Lius Dobbs will be raising health.
  18. George Chell's Avatar
    I meant Dobbs will be raising hell!
  19. R. Lawson's Avatar
    This is what people on television do. They explore the negative aspects of issues. Be real - how many journalists frequently talk about what is right with things?

    Anyways, trying to find something positive to say about the H-1b and L-1 visa programs is like trying to find something positive to say about indentured servitude or slavery.

    Thanks for aggregating all of this. Great reference materials.
  20. hmm's Avatar
    Thanks for a collecting all this info!

    Now there is a clear logic behind Dobbs's statements: he does not consider H/L/O visa holders as immigrants. After all those are NON-immigrant visas. They could become immigrants, true, but only if they are lucky and Dobbs clearly resents that most of them do become immigrants. He much prefers that most of them work here 6 years (contributing to economy, social security etc), and then go home. Well, if you do cancer research you may stay.

    Dobbs's reports against asylee or family immigration are extremely rare, and after all there are indeed abuses in this area (even though most likely not where he is trying to find them).

    It is important to understand this position because it is quite common, and there is indeed some truth behind it. I have to say there is truth behind almost every point of view, and almost every law hurts someone. In this case legal immigration certainly hurts SOME US citizens. What the Government should be concerned about though is the benefit of the society as a whole, and here Dobbs loses.
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