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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


Rating: 6 votes, 5.00 average.

The CEO of Marriott International makes the case for a guest worker program.

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  1. Another voice's Avatar
    Good as efforts to boost travel to the US government has to realize that the hospitality industry is immigrant labor dependent. You can't have one with out the other, that is more travelers into the US without people to work in the many jobs in that industry.
  2. chin's Avatar
    Please do check this one Esteban and Lou Dobbs.
  3. Jack's Avatar
    I didn't see any case. I don't consider a business' selfish desire for cheap labor a case. What's the guest worker case for democracy, egalitarianism, and social justice? Among other bad things, guest worker programs are exploitative, foster inequality, discourage integration, lower wages and working conditions, and increase the number of undocumented workers in the U.S. By definition, they disfranchise people and thus are inherently undemocratic. I agree with the following but that has nothing to do with guest workers:

    'Marriott also cited the importance of removing the barriers to global travel. "We need to make our visa and entry systems more efficient and customer-friendly because we're losing a tremendous opportunity to bring visitors to the U.S.," he said.'
  4. yave begnet's Avatar
    Do you know anything about guest worker programs, Jack? Do you know anyone here on an H-1B visa? Do you know anyone employing an H-1B worker? I don't feel I'm going out on a limb by saying that most employers and employees have positive feelings about their participation in the program. The main complaint is the super-low cap. Did you know the H-1B is a dual intent visa? That means guest workers can apply for green cards during the allotted 7 years of the visa, and most who can, do. The people I hear complaining about this program are mostly restrictionists and some liberals who probably aren't familiar with the H-1B visa.

    So thanks but no thanks for the concern trolling.
  5. Jack's Avatar
    Is it not obvious from my criticism that I'm referring to NON-dual intent? Maybe you should talk to some H-2's or some of the people who report on the abuse of their human rights.
  6. yave begnet's Avatar

    Your reply was certainly more measured in tone than mine. I thought you might be the restrictionist Jack who sometimes comments at ImmigrationProf Blog, who I've argued with before. If that is you, then kudos anyway, you made a reasonable point. We can probably both agree that it makes a world of difference whether or not the guest worker program that comes out of the legislative process contemplates dual intent visas.
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