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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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I just want to wish warm new years greetings to everyone. May 2008 bring you happiness, good health and prosperity.


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  1. USC's Avatar
    Happy New Year, Greg,

    Courtesy of BIB Daily, here is a horror story:

    Some excerpts:

    "She can't leave her house to buy groceries; she's heard that the sheriff stations deputies at Food City."

    "One citizen New Times spoke with carries his United States passport around to prove he's a citizen."

    "for a right-leaning attorney with a Latina wife"

    "They can't win their cases, so they're taking convictions on the cheap by keeping people incarcerated. You're going to sit there until you cry uncle," he says. "Thomas has no integrity and, to me, is not even a man because of what he's doing.

    But Arpaio announced from the beginning that he had no problem arresting illegal immigrants for crimes like jaywalking or spitting on the sidewalk.

    "Ours is an operation where we want to go after illegals, not the crime, first," Arpaio told the Republic in March. "It's a pure program. You go after them and you lock them up."

    "The situation with the police has become so bad that even legal immigrants and citizens are afraid. Miguel Gomez-Acosta, pastor at the Lutheran Mission of San Pedro and member of the Valley Interfaith Project, moved to Phoenix from Seattle last year and still isn't accustomed to living in Maricopa County."

    "I carry my passport and I carry my daughter's birth certificate," he says. "I grew up in this country. I served in the military and became a citizen, and despite that, I still have to carry my passport and my daughter's birth certificate because she looks brown. Like me."

    "I . . . I know who killed somebody, but I am afraid to call the police. The guy who got killed was my coworker," he says. "Everybody knows who killed him, but nobody wants to talk to the police. Nobody wants to be a witness because they will deport you."

    We do, as a society, risk being turned into a different society that is less appealing by tolerating what is occurring," he said. Later in the speech, he went on, "I think we're dealing with something that fundamentally changes our democracy, not only in terms of our sense of human rights, [but in] the fact we are tolerating a sub-class of people."

  2. USC's Avatar

    "I don't believe we need more immigration, but I also think we can support current levels if done right. I believe that we should replace the H-1b visa program with an equal number of merit based green cards (current cap of 85,000 + the 50,000 lottery)."

    You are not supporting the current level. You are drastically reducing immigration. If I understand it right here is what your proposal does:

    Cuts EB numbers from 140,000 to 135,000
    Cuts H1b from 85,000 to 0.
    Cuts DV from 50,000 to 0.

  3. USC's Avatar
    Sorry, I posted the previous comment in the wrong thread!
  4. R. Lawson's Avatar
    What I proposed is to replace the H-1b with an equal number of greencards. I also proposed to exempt family members from the cap. Numerically, what I proposed will result in more immigration.

    I don't Greg would dispute that.
  5. Sid's Avatar
    Happy New Year Greg!

    Thank you for your support!
  6. R. Lawson's Avatar
    Oh yeah, happy new year.
  7. INSpector's Avatar
    Happy new year

    It is good to have a support like you in the web.

  8. Vivek Khanna's Avatar

    A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you too. I am very impressed by your dedication to immigrants. Thank you for your efforts.
  9. 's Avatar

    Happy and a Prosperous New Year to You and Your Family.

  10. b's Avatar

    Happy New Year and best wishes to you and your family.
  11. Another voice's Avatar
    Happy new year!!!!!!!
  12. Beppe's Avatar
    Happy new year Greg,
    hopfully better than the last.
  13. 's Avatar
    Happy New Year, lets see how the antis will link the soaring oil prices and upcoming recession to immigrants.
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