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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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  1. legal-forever-waiting-forever's Avatar

    Sayeth Kim Berry, PG:

    "Instead, as I had told Juliana on the phone, we believe that H-1b should only be granted in the rare cases where no qualified Americans are available - at any price. Then there would not be so many H-1b trying to use this temporary visa as a basis to obtain citizenship. (What I didn't say on the phone was that I don't believe a temporary work visa should even be a path to citizenship - it should only be used until an American can be located and trained to fill the job: If I took a job in Switzerland on a temporary work visa, I not would be so arrogant as to demand that I be granted Swiss citizenship.):"

    So PG is clear that virtually no work visas be given. When given in rare cases where an American cannot be found "at any cost" they should be summarily kicked out the moment ANY native is willing. Never a path to a GC. Talk about extreme stands...I guess PG thinks the foreign workers are desperate fools to come under such conditions.
    I and posting this because Middle Ground recently made the statement that Kim Berry is "perfectly reasonable". Right! and I am the POTUS. :-)
  2. 's Avatar
    Middle Ground surely lost his ground on this one ..
  3. 's Avatar

    The statement they make like "I not would be so arrogant as to demand that I be granted Swiss citizenship", tells their immaturity and animosity towards the immigrant communitiy as a whole.
  4. L's Avatar
    "The statement they make like "I not would be so arrogant as to demand that I be granted Swiss citizenship", tells their immaturity and animosity towards the immigrant communitiy as a whole."

    It also explains why these morons have issues finding a job or first ones to let go.
  5. Sid's Avatar
    We need to go on the offensive against PG. They are citing cases of random consulting companies to malign the entire EB community.

    We need to expose the members of PG for who they really are - a bunch of losers who are trying to prevent employers from hiring foreigners from the top universities. It's obvious that they don't oppose only consulting companies but all kinds of immigration. Apparently, even the Green Card should not lead to citizenship. I challenge them to try to pass a law like that.

    We have to get our American colleagues to speak up for us. The PG has only 1500 members. Between Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Intel, IBM & Google we can find at least 5-10K American tech workers who can petition for us and condemn the PG for their attitude.

    We cannot let a minority group like PG control of our destiny. We should either go back now or fight.
  6. legal-forever-waiting-forever's Avatar
    Btw note how they talk anout Vivek Wadhwa- long time US citizen and distinguihed academic at Duke:

    "Is Vivek Wadhwa of Duke University, a supported of more foreign workers (he is one), wrong? He says "...the problem isn't the supply, it's the demand...we have enough engineers and scientists. The problem is that the salaries aren't there.""

    He is automatically a "foreign worker", talk about nativism and rejectionism.
  7. legal-forever-waiting-forever's Avatar
    I guess Middle Ground has nothing to say?
    Or too busy...would be interesting to hear his/her viewpoint.
  8. uk visa's Avatar
    Add the rhetoric of politicians standing for election and a bureaucracy that has a massive 4% of records not being accurate is not a good recipe.
    It's obvious that the system needs investment, intelligent debate and understanding - what are the chances of that?
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