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This was a long time in coming. The form is really the same, but the list of acceptable documents is getting shorter as USCIS finally gets around to making the form consistent with the changes made in 1996/1997.

Download new_form_i9_announcement.pdf

Download I-9.pdf

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  1. 's Avatar
    Congress defies Bush, hikes health care spending
    By Richard Cowan Thu Nov 8, 8:38 PM ET

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Democratic-controlled Congress on Thursday approved more money for education, job training and health care than the amount sought by President George W. Bush, challenging him to veto a bill that funds popular domestic programs.

    By a vote of 274-141, the House of Representatives passed the bill, which now goes to the White House for an anticipated veto. The Senate approved the bill on Wednesday.
    The $150.7 billion bill exceeds Bush's February request by about $10 billion and is at the heart of a budget fight between Democrats and Republicans over spending priorities.
    Bush sought to cut labor, health and education programs, many for the poor, by a total of about $3 billion from last year's levels as part of a plan to balance the budget by 2012.
    House Republican leaders said they were confident they can block any Democratic attempt to overturn a Bush veto.
    When coupled with funds to pay for health care for the poor and elderly as well as retirement benefits, the legislation totals more than $600 billion and is the largest annual appropriations bill Congress considers every year.
    Democrats defended the $10 billion in higher spending saying initiatives such as medical research, early childhood education and community development were essential investments that had to keep pace with inflation and a growing population.
    They also contrasted the additional domestic funding with the huge request Bush has submitted to fight the war in Iraq, now in its fifth year.
    (Editing by Lori Santos)
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