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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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If I seem a little less conversational this week, it's because I'm in the middle of a major travel/speaking blitz. I spoke yesterday in New York at at American Lawyer Media's COO/CMO Forum in connection with the release of the third edition of my ABA Internet marketing book. Caught an afternoon flight home to catch one of my daughter's violin recitals and then presented on a national audio conference for HR professionals today on the subject of no match letters and employer immigration compliance policies. Now I'm connecting on a flight in Detroit on my way to Washington. Tomorrow morning I'm testifying before the House Immigration Subcommittee on Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee's SAVE America comprehensive immigration bill (I'm speaking in support of a provision creating a new board to appeal consular denials in green card cases) and then Friday I'm speaking in Washington at the ABA Law Practice Management Section's marketing conference on - guess? - lawyer blogging. Hoping to catch up and I know my Immigrant of the Day is behind schedule.

Wish me luck tomorrow. Not sure if the hearing is televised, but it will likely be stored on the web and I'll post the link when it is available.

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  1. EB's Avatar
    Good luck Greg. Go get 'em.
  2. ImmOrNot's Avatar
    That was a super busy schedule - All the best Greg. Take care.
  3. Sam's Avatar
    Good Luck Greg! I know you would make your mark there.
  4. Wishes's Avatar
    Best of luck Greg! You are the one and only voice for us now!
  5. Beppe's Avatar
    Good Luck Greg,
    Thank you for everuthing. I think that also Marc Cooper will testify before congress.
    Please remember the extension of the 245(i)!.
  6. Deb's Avatar
    Thats one heck of a schedule. Good luck on your presentation. While you are at it, maybe raise attention about a few stupid CIS laws and regulations that we have to deal with? Example: the worthless requirement of AP and waiting an eternity for it to arrive while USCIS takes its own sweet time. Presumebly if it is not a priority for them, why require it at all?
  7. YourFan's Avatar
    All the Best Greg!

    Will wait for updates and the links to the video.
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