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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


Rate this Entry is a great web site to find out if anything you receive by email is true. And I get some doosies. Today they're debunking an email that anti-immigrants are circulating as part of their propaganda efforts.  They're such lovely people.

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  1. pz's Avatar
    Oh, come on! I like your blog, and it often has insightful posts, but why do you have to dig into this dirt. I don't see how these things can provoke any meaningful discussion. Do we really have to read every example of anti-immigrant lunacy?
  2. Gandu 's Avatar
    Well I thought it was really funny.
  3. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    I don't post most of what I see, but I picked this one because Snopes tends to pick things that are being circulated widely around the Internet.
  4. INSpector's Avatar
    Hi Greg

    I know many anti-immigrants read your blog (In my job a lot), so I juts decided to add some information as background of this posting for them, I know they will think and belive whatever they want, but just for them to be more intelligent with their postings. I'm a Legal immigrant from Mexico.

    1. In Mexico any person can buy a property despite of their immigration status, is even easier than here in the US. You only need to have money to do it. Most of the properties are valued in US Dollars not in Pesos (Any Mexican knows that).

    2. Regarding Social services. In Mexico any person can have medical services for free, there are 2 organizations IMSS and ISSTE, again you can have them despite of your national origin or immigration status. An Application must be submitted and copied to the HUman righhts association and you are done !!!! (Any Mexican Knows that)

    3. Any American citizen can cross the border without showing any passport or ID. (this is valid by land only) at the airports you just need to show your customs and Passport entrance. The equivalent I94 for Americans has a validity of 1 year and you can work with that. Again ( Any Mexican KNows that).

  5. drew from immigrants list's Avatar
    Personally, I see this as important. There's another one out there that takes statistics supposedly from the LA Times (I've done the search on Lexus Nexus, the article doesn't exist). That talks about how 75% of all murders, etc., are committed by illegal immigrants. This phony information is repeated on blog postings, by groups like FAIR, and by members of Congress. It is important that we see where they are coming from, because their misinformation campaign has a huge influence over public opinion.
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