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The Dallas Morning News' Jacquielynn Floyd does a good job showing why local governments really are not in a position to deal with the immigration crisis on their own and the consequences of the vacuum of leadership in Congress on this issue. The story describes the struggles of Irving, a suburb of Dallas.

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  1. TX's Avatar
    I live in Dallas, about a mile from Irving, and have lived in Irving for the past 4 years, I know for a a fact that about 60% of the student population in Irving schools is hispanic. The city itself is almost 40% hispanic and I assume many undocumented. There are reports in local news on a daily basis on how the hispanic parents are pulling their kids out of school because they fear they will be deported. It's not just a one or two incident report, it is in such large numbers that the Mayor of Irving was actually out last week talking to students about how they will never ask any student their immigration status. There are reports of people actually moving out of the city of Irving into neighboring cities such as Dallas itself. It is truly a shame what Irving is doing and they will actually pay a big price for this because such a large population of this city is Hispanic, they will probably move out in droves and take their $$ with them. It will be interesting to see the economic impact of this stupidity.
  2. Another Voice's Avatar
    CNN was reporting on this, Rick Sanchez on that show Out in the open dedicated a whole week to report this. It seem like they are really set on making life hell for Immigrants there and a lot of racial profiling. We'll see the economic impact on their decision we know that Land lords will be the first to feel the pain, followed by Hispanic small businesses due to no patrons to spend money at their businesses, tax receipts should start to decrease as well and the powerful multiplier effect of every dollar spent.

    Cobb county in Georgia a suburb outside of Atlanta is also following on Irving's footsteps. I am sure we'll be hearing a lot of negative stuff from these two communities.
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