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  1. Legal and waiting's Avatar
    They are so afraid of pissing off the bigoted far right wing, that they are willing to forget about a lot of people's needs. Plus, they are willing to cave to a great degree to win the primaries, where the far right is quite a hand-full. Only McCain is thinking about the next step, but he will probably never get there.
  2. Another voice's Avatar
    These guys are pursuing the Ostrich strategy when I do not know how to deal with something they just stick their head in the sand and hope that it will pass by. Imagine a president with that sort of mentality.
  3. drew from immigrants list's Avatar
    Yes, the issue truly is that you have to run one direction to win a primary & then the other to win a general. McCain really was dead a couple months ago, but with Iraq being as it is now, he seems to be getting a bump.
  4. TX's Avatar
    The only issue though is, that if McCain does win the Republican primary, he could in fact be a real challenge for the Democrats, he seems like the only Republican that can attract Independents, the way things are going right now. At the same time though if he wins the primary, a whole lot of conservatives might just stay home on election day. This is really not looking good for the Republicans. I think it will take a huge screw up on the Democratic side for them to lose the election next year.

    I do have to say though, even a Democrat is not going to tackle immigration their first year.......It's very hard for me to believe that they will.
  5. grouchy's Avatar
    It seems that from the attitudes displaying by the GOP candidates, quietly protesting indirectly that the US citizens of Hispanic and Black people are not a genuine part of America. What's happening to these people who,in the first place, proudly take their steps out there and talk and talk with pride about their artificially-sweetened future visions to the masses of this country? What are they afraid of?
    If they continuously show this kind of unlikable attitude, this country will still be divided and the immigration issue will not be resolved until such time that this country, which we're proud proud of, would subtly chase by unwanted behaviors.
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