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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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  1. Athan's Avatar
  2. Athan's Avatar
  3. Athan's Avatar
  4. Athan's Avatar
  5. GC Limbo's Avatar

    Thanks for covering up the rally live. You are the BEST. and kudos to your support for LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

    Where is Lou Dobbs these days? I am sure he will be bashing up about the rally in his show in coming days.

    Its amazing that the main stream TV media like, CNN, MSNBC et al didnot mention a word about yesterday's rally (or did i miss it).

    OJ's case gets so much preference that these so call main stream tv medias(best in the world, only trusted news) missed out one of the very important issue of US and its government.

    Again Kudos to IV core team, Greg, Shila and all the participants.

  6. San Jose Mercury News's Avatar
    nice article
  7. grouchy's Avatar
    Guys, you're right. Where is Lou dobbs hiding?
    In my understanding, if you are a commentator in one of the popular media/TV, esp CNNnews channel w/c is considered mostly viewed channel on TV these days,people in the crowd should expect some personal insight on every issue from the commentator whether it's negative or positive to their own perceptions- issues that are eyecatching to TV viewers,like what happened in Washington DC rally yesterday. I doubt if Lou Dobbs is totally doesn't know anything about this rally. Everybody knows the position of our friend Lou Dobbs, on issues of immgration.
    But in some degree he should do some comment even likely, for the benefit of his viewers. If not, maybe he is totally selective only onto issues that he thinks, he can cover himself once "tsunami" will run on his way.
  8. babaganoush's Avatar
    I guess from what Lou Dobbs has said before, he supports legal immigration. I don't know to what extent - whether it's just token ("smoke and mirrors") kind of support, like Roy, or if he is for real. Another thing is that he is a sensationalist. He doesn't want to report things that are not sensational enough. If you didn't have Mexican workers with dripping flesh, spreading diseases to young American children, at the rally to show him, I guess he wouldn't be interested very much.
  9. grouchy's Avatar
    Babaloush, my friend if you think that Lou Dobbs is a real sensationalist and the rally was not sensational enough for him, despite its drawing national attention not only to american people but also on politicians, Administration and of course its drowning effects on the US economy, do you think he should be righteous enough to call him a SENSATIONALIST?

    Maybe we can say that his interest draws only to a nonsense and impertinent issues that he is likely, making fond of.
  10. Skilled Immigrant's Avatar
    BBC covers the IV RALLY "Skilled immigrants suffer US limbo"
  11. Limbo's Avatar
    Excellent coverage I would say. Some of the articles did a fantastic job describing the situation we highly skilled immigrants find ourselves in. We are handicapped and hog-tied by the system, especially our dependents. I.V. deserves a lot of credit for their efforts. It sound like the event was a huge success. The participants handled themselves in a way that can make us all proud to be immigrants. Greg, thanks for you support also.

  12. testy's Avatar
  13. Sid's Avatar
    GC Limbo, CNN is a gossip news channel. Just compare the news headlines on to series news websites like or and you'll agree.
  14. Sid's Avatar
    s/series/serious/g in my previous post.
  15. babaganoush's Avatar
    grouch, not sensationalist enough! You didn't bring sick or disfigured people eating away at social security, or space aliens spreading viruses "Invasion"-style.
  16. grouchy's Avatar
    Babaganoush -friend is that the way you figure or describe a sensationalist? Maybe your idol Lou Dobbs then deserves to send him to Iraq and Afganistan to report on such a huge victims of sick and disfigured people whatever you call it. And there, sick people will not hesitate to eat his fresh flesh and drink his fresh blood infront of you. Even you friend they will love to bury you alive once you stepfoot in Iraq,and in that event we'll have the most sensational report at hand... if that is your definition of "Sensationalist".
  17. babaganoush's Avatar
    Thanks, AOL, for bringing the internet to the masses!
  18. USC's Avatar
    Here is an editorial which might be of interest:

    I think Greg is to be commended for his participation in the rally and his dedication to the cause of fairness for all. Very few people would fly hundreds of miles to attend a rally for a cause which doesn't directly affect him.
  19. Athan's Avatar
    you NDTV link is bit old.
    Correct link is
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