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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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In 2004, authors John Judis and Ruy Teixera wrote the book The Emerging Democratic Majority. The two wrote a book that many scoffed at - that the Republican Party was poised for serious long term trouble. This despite the fact that the President was still very popular and Republicans still had solid control of both Houses of Congress. Publishers Weekly summarizes the book's basic premise:

In 1969 a prescient Kevin Phillips published The Emerging Republican
Majority, predicting the rise of the conservative Republican movement.
Now Judis, a senior editor at the New Republic, and Teixeira, a fellow
at the Century Foundation and author of The Disappearing American
Voter, argue that, if current demographic and political trends
continue, a new realignment of political power is inevitable, this time
sweeping Democrats to power. In support of their thesis they argue that
the electorate is becoming increasingly diverse, with growing Asian,
Hispanic and African-American populations-all groups that tend to vote
Democratic. On the other hand, the number of white Americans, the
voting population most likely to favor Republicans, remains static.

The two authors predicted that barring unforeseen events, this trend would become very obvious by 2008. If recent stories in Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal are to be believed, the two authors were right on the mark. Both stories explore an emerging truth - that the Republicans have blown it by allowing several very visible members of their party to effectively define the party as being anti-immigrant. President Bush did his best to counter this image, but as his influence wains, the party's xenophobic base has taken control.

Will the Republicans see the light before it is too late? Hispanic voters are, in many respects, natural GOP constituents. Many have conservative social values and also are very pro-business. But they no longer feel welcome in the GOP largely because of the immigration positions of many in the party. Things are going to get a lot worse for the GOP until it sheds the anti-immigration image.

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  1. TX's Avatar
    This is true, especially since Romney seems to be headed for the nomination and he seems the most anti-immigrant of all the front runners. I still can't get over his statement of "replace all illegal workers with legal one's," this may sound good to his base, by I wonder why his base does not ask, "How would you do it Romney?" you're talking about replacing 12 to 20 million people, people who probably have US citizen son's daugther's, etc, "Will it happen in your lifetime Romney?"

    Republicans probably would have had a chance to recapture some votes if they had gone with McCain, but that does'nt seem likely anymore. It's sad.
  2. grouchy's Avatar
    you are truely right about your observations and the two authors insights.The massive numbers of US citizen offsprings of the legal/ illegal immigrants who are here is enough to change the political climate in the US. What makes me surprise is that some of the presidentiables' grassroots are not pure american's(50/50%) and yet, they can afford to play squarely now in the games of pure americans. They started to build significant names and have shown their importance in the faces american society not only as an ordinary abiding citizen of this land but also in political life - as a future immigrant I'm giving my high respect to them for what they've achieved right now.
    If you analize,it means to say that one of them can win the hearts of the people who migrated here. It only depends on how they touch the hearts of their contingent. I think GOPs on the democratic side are starting to express the importance of the immgrants in the US and trying to reach also the communities of illegal immgrants. In my prediction for this coming presidential election, i think it's one on the Democratic parties who will be crowned in the White House.
  3. Another voice's Avatar
    I am glad the GOP its hurting its chances to stay in power they needed to be out of there yesterday. Hopefully they will lose big in 2008 and I am sure they will change their tune if that happens. I remember that in the 2000 republican convention they invited a Mexican country star to sing to attract hispanic voters but in the public you could hardly find any minorities. These people have only shown in these recent years their true colors they are not an inclusive party despite a few faces to make people think they are.
  4. grouchy's Avatar
    GOPs still giving themselves a leeway to observe their faith regarding immgration issues that's why they are awkward to utter something on the issue, except for the Republicans who express oppenness to go against it.
    But maybe the Democratic candidates have already been reached their quantified observations on this issue that's why expect some positive support from them soon.
    I know all of them can't just seatback and say nothing about this very critical issue of immgation.
  5. Gustavo's Avatar
    I think it is now too late for the Republican Party. In my very informal survey of my Hispanic friends, they have all gone Democrat now due to this single issue: Immigration. And I have many Hispanic friends as I am Hispanic myself.

  6. drew from immigrants list's Avatar
    Article after article seems to point to the hole the Republican Party is digging itself into. Meanwhile though, most Democrats are afraid to act on it in Congress or speak about it on the campaign trail. As much as some Republicans might yell amnesty next year, Democrats could never lose because of immigration in 2008 - Independents & Democrats overwhelmingly list Iraq as #1 and most Republicans are still running on a pro-war position.

  7. Legal and waiting's Avatar
    Republicans got too complaisant and hit a few bloopers beyond immigration - health care is very important to all Americans, and the agenda here is set by Democrats. Republicans blew their stand on financial responsibility, and funny enough Democrats have been able to pick up the best on the Republican agenda and make it happen in the past, so many people believe they can do it in the future. The war and militarization of the society is one of those, too. I think people are sick and tired of conservatives who call everyone who questions the wisdom of the government traitors, that started to really bother people.
  8. drew from immigrants list's Avatar
    Another Relevant Article:
  9. Sid's Avatar
    I'm not very well versed in U.S. politics, so feel free to quash my theory. I would assume that the states that have a high Hispanic population are the ones that have a high percentage of immigrants anyway and tend to favor Democrats in the elections. Losing the Hispanic votes in states that are traditionally Republican would cause a bigger impact. I don't think there are a lot of states that fit this profile. Texas is probably one of those states.
  10. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    ?>>I would assume that the states that have a high Hispanic population are the ones that have a high percentage of immigrants anyway and tend to favor Democrats in the elections
  11. grouchy's Avatar
    Greg i wanna add Chicago, Washington and New York states, too to your list. But the state you have mentioned were the majority of Hispanic people abode. So if their troops be united esp on this coming presidential election, Presidentiable who would throw his undeniable support to them would be very lucky to have a chance to win the raise.
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