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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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As noted in my last post, I've gained some notoriety over the years because I was one of the first lawyers in the world with a web site. It was enough to land me on the cover of the ABA Journal a few years back. But something most people don't know about my Internet past is that I had the first law blog. Thanks to the Wayback Machine at, you can actually see what it looked like. I mention it because it rolled out ten years ago this month and I wanted to boast a bit (especially since I don't do a whole lot of self-promotion on this blog). The blog actually precedes the coining of the word "blog" which was invented by John Barger in December 1997.

As you can see by clicking the link above, the original Visalaw blog was my online journal tracking movement in Congress of key immigration legislation. The first bill I tracked was the extension of Section 245i of the Immigration and Nationality Act (which did, in fact, get extended). A year later, I was tracking a bill to raise the H-1B cap. I now write several blogs on a variety of subjects including health care immigration, fashion, arts and sports immigration, law office technology, and our firm's main blog.

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  1. Athan's Avatar
    thankyou vey much for the blog.
  2. TX's Avatar
    Yes Greg, thanks for all of your hard work in keeping us immigrants informed.
  3. BharatPremi's Avatar
    Thanks Greg for taking initiative for the blog 10 years back and keep continuing till today. You have helped many like me a lot to understand the complex immigration, politics behind immigration laws and most importantly current happenings in the immigration world through this blog. I wish you and your blog best luck and wish you keep continuing this for years ahead.
  4. vg's Avatar
    Thanks for the hard work and valubale info on the blog

  5. grouchy's Avatar
    WOW! that was great to know from you. One decade isn't that bad. You've already started a giant leap ahead of the others with the same intentions but to help through this blog. I really appreciate your pure and genuine dedication of your non-stop & indefatigable efforts of keeping immigrants and future immigrants, like me, well informed on very sensitive issues of immigration. A million thanks to you.
  6. Another voice's Avatar
    Hats off to you Greg!!
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