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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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Stephen Colbert's hilarious take on the trend to move American jobs down to Mexico where apparently there are plenty of legal Mexican workers. Thanks to Drew at Immigrants List for sending this link.


Look for the funny swipe at Lou Dobbs mid-segment.

Warning - There's a little racy language in here.

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  1. 's Avatar
    Yesterday while watching Colbert, I could not stop myself laughing. It is so true.. Sometimes you start thinking how come dumb people can take hold of the politics and economics of such a vibrant economy (Till now) and if their (Glenback and Loudoubb's kind of people...) hold will continue then it would not take long for USA to become third world.. give and take 50 years at the most.
  2. msin's Avatar
    That was the wrong link. Here's the correct one: -
  3. Legal and waiting's Avatar
    I hate living in the Eastern time zone! I never get to watch him any more because it comes up so late...

    Anyway, this is an incredible piece - incredibly funny, and more so because it is so ******** TRUE! He just nailed it!
  4. Another voice's Avatar
    They should have brocasted this during CIR debate hopefully some people would have gotten it. Very Funny stuff!!!!!!!!!
  5. D's Avatar
    I usually watch the online version in the morning while I drink my coffee. Great way to start the day
  6. TX's Avatar
    Greg, thanks, I just spilled coffee all over myself because I was laughing to hard, especially at the "Lou Dobbs reason to live" that was priceless. Good one. I wish I could stay up late enough to watch him.
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