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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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  1. Legal and waiting's Avatar
    How sick should those people be to send death threats to someone who spent years as a POW in Vietnam, where his life could have ended any day? And given that he has done it to protect these people...
  2. paul's Avatar
    Yeah. That's nothing but his stance with Putin is of concern.
  3. TX's Avatar
    Legal and waiting, during the immigration debate, I frequently visited the Capitol Hill Staffers blog (, the staffers for the senators would write about how they get calls every hour on how the illegal are destroying America, and they would make statements about the CIR bill being debated that were untrue and many times they (the callers) would admit that they heard those statements through Hannity or some other radio talk show hosts. Some staffers also reported getting threatening calls, so I'm not at all surprised about McCain getting these. I am all for free speech, however, I very strongly believe that some the radio talk show hosts are taking this freedom too far and spreading hate, by stating complete lies about undocumented immigrants (crimes they commit, diseases they spread, etc). I understand that most people think of this as history repeating itself because each generation of immigrants went through the phase of not being accepted, however, none of those generations had the power of the Internet and talk radio against them.

    When Trent Lott stated that radio talk shows are running America, he was partially right, at least about the immigration debate. I even heard Sen. Kyl on a radio show, Hugh Hewitt I think, telling Hugh that he took some of his enforcement ideas and put it in to the bill, if that is not running America, then I don't know what is. I can't believe that a Senator such as Kyl would take ideas from a radio talk show host and add that to a bill that will have an impact on millions of lives. It is a shame that the Senators fell for it. Last I checked US citizens voted to put Senators in the Senate so the Senators can make the informed decision for them on their behalf, instead, now we have these Senators taking ideas from Radio talk shows. When will the people of this country wake up and realize what is happening?

    I come from a country where the Government used to be fair and balanced (during my dad's younger years) then it was taken over by radicals that had extreme agendas and ideas, and overtime, the country completely went down the drain, I would hate for this to happen to the U.S. I hope people realize what is going on the next time they are in a voting booth.
  4. Legal and waiting's Avatar
    TX, it is quite disturbing, actually, when Trent Lott is outraged AND right. You are correct, there is a real danger of radicals taking over the agenda and pushing the ideas of hate. Will it happen to the US? It might. I think Americans like money a little too much to let that happen. Can immigrants (and sensible Americans) effectively fight this hate? Maybe. Immigrants don't have a vote (and thus, much voice) in this country, but they cetainly can and do vote with their feet (and they have high propensity to do so, as they have done it once already). I honestly do not know what is more effective/rewarding - to get out there and fight, or to say 'ok, then screw you, I am going to Canada and taking my smarts and tax dollars with me'. If you are a citizen, you may not think of leaving as an option right away, but in the world where labor migration plays ever increasing part in a country's success and economic prosperity, it may work just like it works in the market place - when people stopped shopping at Target, and it lost its market position to Wal-Mart, it got Target thinking how to get to next level and win people back.

    US enjoyed the influx of labor for a very long time, but it looks like current geenration of American have not been able to understand how much it contributes to the prosperity of the country. 10 years from now Mexican economy will not have excess of labor, and many American baby boomers will be on their way south for retirement - I wonder how much Americans will like a sudden drop in immigration rates. If by then the cycle of hate does not stop, well, maybe it will be time we all think what sort of country we want or children to grow up, and pack up and move there.
  5. john's Avatar
    I wish that wont happen. there is already a plan to bring another CIR again before all that. I dont think majority americans are antiimmigrants. AI lobby could advertise during the last CIR so well that ppl start thinking like that. you take those couple of ppl out, this AI lobby has no survival. But I am amazed to see the way they have advertised it in the media etc!!!
  6. Another voice's Avatar
    Right wing agenda controls the republican party an its operators there is no room for moderates, diversity or anything else in that party. That is why people like McCain, Olympia Snow, Susan Collins, Arlen Specter are rare specimens on that party. They can claim its freedom of speech but it is also hate speech.
  7. john's Avatar
    i think republicans dont want any bill passed by democrats more than anything. that way to bring down possibility of democrats coming up in the next year election. Unfortunately, this bill has been a central goal of democrats (most repuplicans except bush) dont think it is inevitable. Hence the bill beneficiaries will have to wait see the game win or loose again.if republicans can be convinced that the bill bring more votes, there is a chance.
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