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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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The cover story in this week's Sunday New York Times Magazine, "All Immigration Politics is Local (And Complicated, Nasty and Personal)" explores the town of Carpentersville, Illinois. This town north of Chicago is not dissimilar to Hazleton, Pennslvania.

The nastiness of the campaign against immigrants in the community was seen in campaign literature distributed by the nativist candidates who went on to win seats on the city council that, in turn, led to passage of its first anti-immigrant measures in the city (with several more on the way):

Are you tired of waiting to pay for your groceries while Illegal
Aliens pay with food stamps and then go outside and get in a $40,000

Are you tired of paying taxes when Illegal Aliens pay NONE!

Are you tired of reading that another Illegal Alien was arrested for drug dealing?

Are you tired of having to punch 1 for English?

Are you tired of seeing multiple families in our homes?

Are you tired of not being able to use Carpenter Park on the weekend, because it is over run by Illegal Aliens?

Are you tired of seeing the Mexican Flag flown above our Flag?

you are as tired as me then let's get out and Vote for the: All
American Team ... Finally a team that will help us take back our town!

So much for this simply being about law and order.

[UPDATE: An angry Carpentersville resident who supported the anti-immigrant candidates reminded me that my original post that only one measure has so far passed (though apparently he's rooting for the rest and seems to think that the campaign literature was perfectly fine). It seems like a lovely community, doesn't it?]


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  1. Calouste's Avatar
    That's the kind of talk that's on leaflets that are distibuted in Europe by extreme right (or neo-fascist) parties like the British National Party, the National Democratic Party in Germany and France's Front National.

  2. sam's Avatar
    Well, that's a pure work of genius... What more can I say.
  3. Dennis Carr's Avatar
    "The nastiness of the campaign against immigrants in the community was seen in campaign literature distributed by the nativist candidates who went on to win seats on the city council that, in turn, led to passage of numerous anti-immigrant measures in the city:"

    I fail to see why you must lie on this blog! There was not "numerous" "anti-immigrant" measures passed! You are a moron for writing that! A watered down version of "English Only" was passed, not the one that is was put in to effect by the state of Illinois in 1996, that is shared by 30 other states. Look it up on Wikipedia, just put in "English Only!" Read the facts before you post..........

    By the way I live in Carpentersville and voted for the three that took seats on the board. They are the American citizens that are fighting against crime. It still is a crime to enter ANY country without that countries permission. If you don't know that, you should sell the computer and go back to school................................
  4. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Dennis - So the campaign literature described by the Times was not distributed. The Times made that up? You're correct that so far one measure has passed, but two others are up for consideration (punishing employers and landlords) and given the tone of your message, I'm sure you'll be voting for them.

    You don't help the image of your town nor do you do much to convince us that the town is not full of cruel, nasty locals when you post a message with this kind of tone. It only makes my point.
  5. TX's Avatar
    What has this great country come too?

    I live near the Farmers Branch area of TX and the same lies were spread to get those anti-immigrant laws passed in FB. The saddest part is, whenever a discussion about the Farmers Branch anti-immigrant activities are bought up in discussions, about 90% of my co-workers tend to support Farmers Branch and their effort to keep out the immigrants. I know that all the major polls keep stating that majority of the American people support allowing illegal immigrants who have roots in the US to legalize their status. I hate to say this but I after hearing these stories I am beginning to doubt those polls.
  6. USC's Avatar
    "It still is a crime to enter ANY country without that countries permission."

    True. But if you leave your car running with the keys in it someone is going to steal it. If we leave our borders open people are going to come. We are culpable too.

    Instead of hurling insults perhaps you should look for a solution. Do you favor deportation of the illegal immigrants? If so, here is some math for you to consider:

    (a) Estimated Illegal aliens: 12,000,000
    (b) Days in a year: 365
    (c) Saturdays and Sundays in a year: 104
    (d) National Holidays: Say 10
    (e) Working Days: 251 (b-c-d)
    (f) Optimistic estimate of deportation capacity: 1000/day
    (g) Aliens deported in a year: 251,000 (e x f)
    (g) No of years reqd to deport 12 million: 47.8 (a /g)

    Is that simple enough?

    Most of us will be either old men or dead by that time!!
  7. Another voice's Avatar
    Its ridiculous that these communities all across the country want to blame immigrants with all that is bad with their towns. Same arguments used against the Italians, Irish, blacks, native Americans history repeats itself once more. Yet they do not mind when these immigrants are building their homes, picking the veggies they buy at the groceries store, cook their food at restaurants, landscape their yards the list goes on and on.... This just shows how the US does not learn its lesson on racism its so sad.
  8. bob's Avatar
    I still don't understand why these wedge issue politicians aren't called on their shaky hold of the facts. One issue that continues to get my goat is the notion that "Illegal Aliens" get food stamps. Undocumented immigrants have never been eligible for food stamps, and probably never will. Anyone with a passing familiarity for the application process for food stamps knows that it's impossible to fake the numerous documents that you need to prove your eligibility. Part of the confusion is that the citizen children of illegal immigrants (i.e. children born in America, i.e. Americans!) ARE eligible - do these slimeballs really want to take away food from American children, just because their parents broke the law?
  9. In Immigration Limbo's Avatar
    I must say, this kind of language and stereotyping is very frightening to me. Any one of us could just as easily have been born into poverty.

    I can understand the frustration with the feds, but blame your own government for the dithering on this issue. As with so many other issues in this country that go unsolved (like healthcare for example), warring special interest groups who are unwilling to compromise fight each other to a draw, and nothing ever gets accomplished.
  10. Legal and waiting's Avatar
    bob, politicians always give that dirty job to hate groups, like NumbersUSA. Last time I checked, those guys claimed H1 holders do not pay payroll taxes. I do not know if it is a curse or a blessing that they are that their lies are so dumb.
  11. Clara's Avatar
    It sounds like most of the people that are making these comments do not live in the real world. They stay in the areas that do not share living neighborhoods with the illegals or they would see that what you say is true. Go to any event such as where they are giving the illegals free food and/or clothing or anything else free and look in the parking lot and you will not see any older cheap cars. Most of their Taco stands that they have are illegal also they do not get permits or anything that is required to open a business they just open up a stand with the free food that they get from the givaways and their yard sales consist of almost nothing but clothing and that is because they get that free also. They are taking advantage of people like the ones that are mistaken about the poor hard working immigrants.These people don't even like Americans and if you were to go into one of their areas you would see that for yourselves. You don't know the percentage of crimes that they commit because they are listed as white people in the statistics. Our country had people working in the jobs that supposedly Americans won't do but who did these jobs before these people came here? I'll tell you, I am one of them. I grew up on a farm and these people don't know what hard work is. You people should get your heads out of your behinds and take a look at reality.
  12. TX's Avatar
    Clara, let me guess, you must be one of the proud members of NumbersUSA. And this is the future of this great country....your post is a great example of how so many of the Americans are now being educated by Radio Talk shows, CNN (lou dobbs) and FOX news. All I can tell you is to research your own roots and get back to us, maybe when you research your ancestry and realize that your own ancestors were in the same boat you will eliminate some of the hate in your heart.
  13. Legal and waiting's Avatar
    "You don't know the percentage of crimes that they commit because they are listed as white people in the statistics. "

    No, they are listed as foreign born with a country of birth. That's how we do know that they are 5 times less likely to commit crimes than the American-born of the same age and gender. And all you care about is that they are listed as white? Don't want them be mixed up with your own kind, do you?
  14. Another voice's Avatar
    Clara stop getting your information from Lou Dobbs you are just quoting their statistics and miss-information. I think you want to write for the FAIR blog not this one.

    From my experience while going to college in the restaurant business I met plenty of people that did not have documents. Most of these people had 2 and 3 jobs at the same time to support their families back home. I can assure you that the last thing on this people's mind was food stamps or some sort of charity these poeple worked very hard.
  15. winza's Avatar
    Heaven forbid we have immigration laws that actually do the unforgiveable and prohibit people from entering the country illegally or overstatying their welcome.
    Heaven forbid we actually ask that the laws be enforced.
    Thats just downright antiimmigrant. Oh yes, the United States is just chasing all those immigrants out.

    Its illegal immigrantion the laws are written to prohibit. Not immigrants.

    The United States is not an open border country, neither are or neighbors, or most countries that have a choice.

    You don't stay a nation with open borders.

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