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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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[Hat tip to Dan Kowalksi at

Bender's Immigration Bulletin for posting this information].

Did you know the US is deporting widows and widowers of US citizens because the American spouse died before the couple's second anniversary and USCIS didn't finish the paperwork before the death?

The group Surviving Spouses Against Deportation (SSAD) is trying to get the laws changed.

I'm particularly appalled by some of the examples given by SSAD of inhumane ICE efforts at deporting these folks:

U.S. Army contractor Todd Engstrom of Illinois gave his life for his country when he was killed in Iraq, and now the federal government is telling his wife Diana she too must go. And so must Dahianna Heard of Florida, whose husband was shot in the head by insurgents in Iraq. What will happen to their children?

Marlin Coats didn't hesitate to jump in the water to try to save two drowning teens caught in a riptide at San Francisco Beach. He lost his life that Mother's Day in 2006, but because of his heroism those two teenagers survived. So why is the U.S. now responding to Coats' ultimate sacrifice by deporting his wife Jacqueline?

The comprehensive immigration reform bill would have addressed this problem and now that the bill is dead, SSAD must fight to bring enough attention to their issue to get this terribly unfair aspect of US immigration law reversed. They need help in advocacy and in raising money to cover lobbying expenses and to pursue cases in the courts to help prevent these deportations.

SSAD is one more grass roots group forming to fight injustice in our immigration laws and I wish them well in their good fight.

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  1. guyfromsg's Avatar
    Really sad..Imagine loosing loved ones and face deportation for no fault of theirs. This is horrible. Greg thanks for posting this, I would never known about this otherwise. As an EB immigrant sometimes we don't know what's happening on other legal immigration issues.
  2. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    It should also remind people who constantly harp on why I support illegal immigrants that you can go from being legally here to illegally here in the snap of your fingers. Get sick and drop below full time on your F-1 status? On H-1B status and your employer terminates you without notice? Accidentally send a check for the wrong fee in your green card application? Just because you play by the rules doesn't mean you might not be in the situation of being illegally in the US at some point.
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