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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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Advertising dollars are the lifeblood of broadcast radio stations. And advertisers who give money to support radically anti-immigrant radio hosts are implicitly endorsing those views. So if you want to make an impact, make it with the advertisers.

Let them know that you don't think so much of where they're spending money.


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  1. Legal and waiting's Avatar
    I have heard that the Home Depot was put on the list of sponsors of the right wing radio. From my background in marketing in the DIY space, I can certainly tell that Hispanic boycott is going to negatively impact this company's sales. HD and Lowes are a having hard time because of the housing slump, anyway, but look at the signage in their stores - they have been wooing the Hispanic customer for a very long time. I actually kind of feel bad for HD - their media department is not buying on those stations because of the outlandish views, but because they index higher against their '18-49 male' target audience. Oh, well, it's a fair game, I guess...
  2. Straight  Shooter's Avatar
    I'm really surprised to find out that Basha's (Food City) in Arizona advertises on this anti-hispanic talk radio station. Having shopped there a few times, all you see there are pretty much hispanic people (employees included). If we could convince these people to go somewhere else it would be so hard a blow that Basha's would go out of business in no time. Unfortunately that's hard to accomplish. I myself, latino, will not shop there anymore. It's one drop in the ocean but every penny counts.
  3. Calouste's Avatar
    Netflix advertises on the website of that station as well. As a subscriber service, they would be rather vulnerable to a boycott, because once customers move over to say Blockbuster to rent their DVDs, they are not going to come back soon.
  4. LegallyBlonde's Avatar
    This is what the URL has:
    "Across the United States, the squeaky wheel always gets oiled. This is the case with anti-migrant conservative talk radio filling the U.S. airways with anti Hispanic verbiage that uses euphuisms such as "we support legal immigration but we are opposed to illegal immigration. These talk radio shows state they represent the sentiments of most Americans. Not true! Below are recent national polls that document a majority of Americans support comprehensive immigration reform. "

    As a legal immigrant here, I OPPOSE illegal immigration if it comes at the expense of legal immigrants. This is exactly what happened because of AC21 (created huge backlogs for legal immigrants) and the now-dead CIR (absolutely nothing in it for legal immigrants other than reducing the GC numbers to 90,000).

    As a legal immigration affected by AC21 (LC STILL pending since Jan 2001), why would I not support the advertisers who are against illegal immigration?
  5. Another voice's Avatar
    Legally Blond so Legal and so shorsided!!!!

    If you want to put your self in a pedestal for being here legally be my guest. I can assure you that these people say they are for Legal immigration and not illegal they just plain do not like immigrants they just say they do not to sound more racist or to be accepted as main stream. Illegal immigrants are on a camp of their own they are not going to be a priority for anyone in Washington but neither are legal Immigrants didn't you get the memo CIR is DEAD for ALL immigrants legal and Illegal. We'll be on the lookout for you on these talk radio shows bashing illegal immigrants once you attain your citizenship.
  6. In Immigration Limbo's Avatar
    My $.02

    I think we need to be careful with this. I would only support boycotts against radio hosts who have made racist or hateful statements, or who have continuously and intentionally spread misinformation about the issues surrounding immigration (Savage comes to mind). Otherwise, what is our justification? Disagreeing with someone's opinion is hardly a good reason for a boycott of advertisers, although it's a free country and you can vote with your money if you want to. I vote with my money all the time, avoiding certain businesses for one reason or another.
  7. Another voice's Avatar
    Unfortunatly I never heard of a commercial boicot that actually has worked I think most consumers get what they need without nesessarly thinking about their views at the time of their purchases.
  8. LegallyBlonde's Avatar
    Another voice:

    Sure, I see nothing wrong with raising my voice against someone who has committed an illegal action. Don't feed me bull about how circumstances force people...yaada, yaada, yaada. The justice system is not "relative" so if someone has done something illegal (stealing, crossing the border, whatever-it-is,etc.), I shall never empathize with them.

    I am not going to question your status. But if you were a victim of AC21 and had your LC languishing since 2001, you would know what I am talking about. Again, I am not asking for your empathy here; I don't need it. I am here LEGALLY, and I shall see the light of the day for being truthful, fair and following the law.
  9. Right Way's Avatar
    First off, thanks for all the posts and updates in regards to the visa bulletin.

    However, I must disagree with you on this issue. You seem to throw the word "radically" around rather easily and do we know if they are truly anti-immigrant or anti-illegal immigration? Just because you disagree with someone's opinion does not mean you should boycott them. If they are racist or criminal, that is something different. This, I feel is wrong.

    If a business tries to get its name out there to different mediums, that's their prerogative.

    Thanks again for all the info.
  10. Legal and waiting's Avatar
    Blonde, for startes, you do not understand that AC21 has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with your wait time. Now, with that level of ignorance, of course, there is nothing that can make you feel better than other people suffering though worse circumstances. I am absolutely not sorry for you...
  11. TX's Avatar
    Right way.....I'm not sure how much talk radio you listen to. I am in TX and all we get on our AM radio is conservative talk show hosts, and 99% are very anti-immigrant. I 100% agree with the boycott idea, because in most instances these talk shows are reaching millions of listners and most of the time they are spreading hate as far as immigrants are concerned.

    One of the most high rate talk show host wanted to deport the wife of a soldier missing in Iraq. Another talk show host was putting out an idea of a listner that the US should put land mines on the US Mexico border. These comments are not from some unknown hosts, but both of the above comments are from hosts on talkers magazine 10 most influential talk shows. Most of these times these same radio hosts give out completely wrong information on immigrants, both legal and illegal. I have heard at least 3 of the top 10 hosts bring on Tom Tancredo on their show and state that they agree with him strongly on his stance on immigration. Do you know what that stance is? Its not only deporting all illegals here and separating families, but halting all kind of immigration, yes, even legal immigration for a number of years.

    Even TV hosts such as Loe Dobbs have gone too far when they blame illegal immigrants for things like Leprosy, his lies on this case have been called out numerous times and CNN does not even apologize. It seems like during all this immigration debate, these people have forgotton that we are talking about human beings here, not animals. These same people treat their cats and dogs better then the person who mows their lawn for $4 an hour.

    I agree that if we do not agree with someone we should not boycott them, but the issue here is not a simple disagreement, but blatent lies that are told by these people every single day. Some thing needs to be done to stop this, and a boycott seems like the only thing that can work, especially since we cannot bring back the fairness doctarine.
  12. Another Voice's Avatar
    Legally Blonde

    I guess you want to blame your misfortunes on illegal Aliens to make you feel like you do not deserve the situation your are in right now. I am sure you have broken a few laws yourself in you life. What ever the case may be I by showing that you are willing to stereotype illegal aliens with your comments it shows what type of person you are. I AM LEGALLY HERE and I am not sorry for you the type of immigrant that should go back to the home country because you do not bring anything good here just your hate.
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