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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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You people really are hungry for information. I'm told by the ILW folks that there were about a quarter million page views TODAY and there have been over 600 comments to my posts. That's gotta be some kind of record for a lawyer's blog! Ironically, aside from writing the FAQ, I'm also going over the proofs for the 3rd edition of the book I write for the American Bar Association on Internet marketing and I happen to be going over the section on blogging.

I want to thank everyone for the very flattering comments you've posted here. If I've been able to help folks via this blog, that's wonderful. And many of you have helped me as well by providing posts on the site that tipped me off to important developments and also helping me quickly correct mistakes (wish I were perfect).

Thanks again everyone!

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  1. 's Avatar
    thank you greg! i love your blog. i will check it out everyday now until i get my gc....(wihch may be another ten years! :-)
  2. thanks_greg's Avatar
    Thanks for your support through this intriguing and nail biting three weeks. I thought your reports and analysis were well researched, reliable & well written. No wonder you had a quarter million hits.
  3. jj's Avatar
    Thank you Greg!!!
  4. N S's Avatar
    Quarter million hits in a day. Thats quite something. Congrats and may be you should be citing that in your book.
  5. 's Avatar
    I have only been a reader of your blog for these past weeks and now I feel I must say this:
    Thanks a ton Greg for all your updates and the info that you have provided to us over the last few weeks. You have done an awesome job!! I did read some really rude comments today on one of the posts, please ignore those guys and dont get disheartened a bit. Thanks again. Will continue to be a frequent visitor to your blog, atleast over the next few months. btw, i am waiting for the FAQ doc :-)
  6. Andy's Avatar
    Excellent Job Greg, your site did not go down even one time.... i have been on your site since 5 days.. and watching updates, comments.. quite intresting.. please update with more stuff on Immigration related like EAD/AP/GC...... so we will keep in touch with you always.. i know this is funny but future references for my followers............thanks and great good night ..
  7. CoolDude's Avatar

    You are really good. I am very impressed with you being on top of everything. It s rude to criticize other big attorneys (M***** R****** K******* on a blog, but all this guys have been exposed.......I remember hearing a conference call of one of those attorneys and he was so negative for this thing to ever work....
  8. stillw8ing's Avatar
    You have done and continue to do so much for the immigrant community that words fail to express our gratitude! Please let us know what we can do in return - an organization you may want us to support, a charity you would like us to give to, a book you recommend we read (the one you are just writing?).. My gut tells me anything that a person like you endorses is a worthy cause and I am sure many here would be happy to receive an opportunity to help in any way we can. Do people like you really exist? It just blows my mind..
  9. Rajiv's Avatar
    Thanks Greg. You were the first in updating the EB immigration community with news. Great work and Thanks. Kudos to you!!!
  10. Andy's Avatar
    Quick Question !!

    My Lawyer applied only 485 for now.. and he told me once we get Receipt Number then we can file for EAD/AP.. what do you say on this Greg ..

  11. yeah...right's Avatar
    So, all this just for traffic and visits...raise profile...more $$$$
  12. GC's Avatar
    A JOB WELL DONE !!!! GREG U DA MAN !!!!!
  13. GC's Avatar
    Go to Afgan istan Mr yeah...right !!!!!! Enjoy your life there Mr Profit !!!! Shame Shame !!!! Yeah Right ..Hmmmmm
  14. Shsk's Avatar
    Thank you very much for all your help and news.
    It was really helpful to all of us
  15. alex's Avatar
    Congratulations, Greg! You were fantastic!

    During my whole career of research, collecting information from the internet and from various other places, I can say you were one of the best and most reliable resources on my list -- much higher in priority than the official press.

    Sorry, for not responding back by email but I saw your post too late, and I had already retired for the day as many others, who learned the news earlier, did.
  16. n38d's Avatar
    Hi, Greg,

    I couldn't express how much thanks I owe you. It is your lightning inside information that relit my hope in this frustrated and helpless situation. It is people like you that make USA the greatest country !
  17. Avery2007's Avatar
    Hi Greg,

    THANK YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart. Your information has been helping me going through this tought time. You are my hero!
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