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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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The August 2006 Visa Bulletin was forwarded to me by a friend while I was in a meeting with a client (hence my comment that I was going to comment on it in a little while) and I linked it for a few minutes until someone poked their head in my office to tell me the problem. No wonder it was so weird. Sorry folks.

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  1. 's Avatar
    it raised my blood pressure for a while but it is all good now.
  2. 's Avatar
    Thanks. Man at first I was just freezed in the shock.
  3. Uma's Avatar

    Well I guess iys OK becos I dont know how different the 2007 Aug bulletin wil be 06 Aug bulletin. For all you know it might be the same or even worse.
  4. 's Avatar
    UNBELIEVABLE!!! Thanks for fixing it...seems like you guys are on top of everything!!
  5. MG's Avatar
    No worries ! These certainly are stressing times and one little ray of light is all that is needed to get us excited.

    Hope we find today about uscis plans. This wait is a killer!

  6. 's Avatar
    Forwarding the 8/06 bulletin link seems to have been a common joke in the employment based immigrant community. If my counting is correct, the bulletin number for 8/07 should be 109.
  7. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    I assume the friend who forwarded the link to me was a victim of the IV jokester. Not very nice.
  8. Jun's Avatar
    My guess is that DOS and USCIS will delay the August bulletin as long as they can....that is to buy time for the litigation and get the general feeling of the immigrant community. It will also help them organize themselves, minimize application in July, and give something in August.

    I hope I'm wrong and just in the state of paranoia...
  9. N S 's Avatar

    Thats exactly what I am thinking for the past 3/4 days. As per Mathew Oh, AILF is engaged in some back door negotiations. Is another grand bargain in the making?

  10. In Immigration Limbo's Avatar
    Actually, I am Schedule A, so I was thrilled to see it current! Of course this is impossible without bridge legislation.
  11. Jun's Avatar
    We're in the same boat...I'm on Schedule A too...something other than current will not help my case...but atleast I'll know my next step forward.
  12. Legal and waiting's Avatar
    Help me understand - why are we waiting for the bulletin?

    I think USCIS must have used all or nearly all EB numbers, so everything will be unavailable. If they have not, they must keep up appearances that they have, so, again, they would most likely put everything in unavailable.

    I do hear the reports that petitions are still being approved (have not fininshed on July 2, I guess). Oddly enough, there would have not been anything wrong with USCIS accepting applications and giving out approvals at regular rate until the end of the month...
  13. Jun's Avatar
    We are waiting because there were rumors that USCIS returned some visa numbers to DOS. We are expecting that these unused visa numbers will be allocated in August.

  14. 's Avatar
    damn , some people will consider suicide if the saw that lol
  15. llee's Avatar
    Legal and Waiting is right. The Aug and Sep VB are 'U' based on revised Jul VB.
  16. 's Avatar
    Any news for inside source - Greg and Alex....anything...
  17. Legal and waiting's Avatar
    I would be very surprised if any numbers are returned, primarily, because keeping up appearances is government workers #1 job. If they returned numbers, that would prove they were waaay out of line on July 2nd. The fact that they are still approving cases means that they do everything to get rid of pre-requested numbers. Maybe, I am dreaming, of course...
  18. Jun's Avatar
    There must an August VB because the Family-based Immigrants and Diversity Lottery immigrants are also waiting for the up-date to say the least. Although we know that based on July VB that August and Sept EBs are 'U', we have to see it and also there must be some announcement regarding the current situation/fiasco and how it will look like in the future e.g. October.
  19. In Immigration Limbo's Avatar
    There is still the little problem of the lawsuits USCIS is facing . If they did anything illegal to burn up those numbers, those dirty deeds will certainly come out in the open during the proceedings.
  20. USC's Avatar
    "Help me understand - why are we waiting for the bulletin?"

    Let's see what the INS tried to sabotage. They held a visa party over the June 30, 2007 weekend where they called in the State Department and requested visa after visa till none were left.

    The question is what did they gain by doing this? If the original July bulletin had remained in effect would all the July filers have received a GC? Clearly, no. Since, supposedly they had 60,000 numbers and it is reasonable to assume that they would have received a lot more applications then that. How would those applications have been processed for the purposes of a GC. Clearly, by the order of their PD (the Schedule A folks would have been at the very end since their PD would have been July 2, 2007). So, what benefit would the filers have obtained by filing pursuant to the July VB? All these poor folks would have gotten is an EAD & AP and an assurance that they would have remianed in status while their GCs were being processed. Is that a huge immigration benefit? No.

    The above illustrates INS' attitude and I believe that Congressional hearings are warranted. Zoe, is on the right track. I know someone on Zoe's staff and am going to be speaking with her.

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