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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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Just in from USCIS:

July 2, 2007

USCIS Update

USCIS Announces Update on Employment-Based Adjustment of Status Processing

WASHINGTON-The Department of State has revised its July Visa Bulletin to reflect that all available employment-based immigrant visas have been allocated for fiscal year 2007.

As a result, beginning today, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
(USCIS) is rejecting applications to adjust status (Form I-485) filed by aliens whose priority dates are not current under the revised July Visa Bulletin.

U.S. immigration law limits the number of employment-based immigrant visas that may be issued each fiscal year.


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  1. GM's Avatar
    I have an approved 140. My I-485 application was delivered for processing today morning. Based on this latest announcement, it appears like my I-485 application will be rejected. Which of the following does this mean:
    1. I will be eligible for the EAD but will have to wait till the visa numbers become available again in Oct 2007.

    2. No EAD. Wait for the visa numbers to become available again. Still eligible for H1 extensions.

    3. No EAD. Rejected I-485 implies I will have to leave the country when my H1 runs out.

    4. No EAD. Rejected I485 implies I have to leave the country immediately.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. rt's Avatar
    It is not 3 and 4 for certain. Most likely # 2
  3. Isha's Avatar
    I wonder what happens now, since my application was mailed on Friday June 29th.
    Is their processing based on the date the application was mailed out or the day USCIS received it.
  4. Sauda's Avatar
    My 485 was received at TSC on 06/29/2007 according to FedEx receipt, will it be rejected?
  5. N S's Avatar

    Does AILA/AILF has any intention to get this into main stream media and make it a hot button issue? IMHO, if AILA/AILF can strike through the main stream media, it will have a better impact in the interim, given that the success of a lawsuit is totally unpredictable. I know that AILA has stuff on its website, But getting an AP writer or Reuters to write the story will be of great impact.

  6. Legal?'s Avatar

    What will happen to the applications received before the revised Visa bulletin was released on July 2nd? (before 10.30am?)
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