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Here are the contents of the "clay pigeon" mega-amendment that contains all the amendments to be offered. And there are some surprises, but more on that later. Like a clay pigeon in shooting practice, this bill is going to be blown apartment and separate votes are going to happen on the 25+ separate sections. This should speed up overall consideration of the bill.

Now for the dumb news. Senator Coburn (R-OK) has objected to the bill and is forcing the 373 page mega-amendment to be read out loud. At first it looked like a gift to the insomniacs who could stay up all night watching C-SPAN 2. Now it looks like they'll quit in two hours and come back in the morning and start work on the amendments.

I'm going to start posting summaries of the approved amendments as they pass rather than a summary of all the amendments. But if you're interesting in seeing what's in the clay pigeon,

Download claypigeon.pdf


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  1. Lily's Avatar
    Its more than dumb this goes to show you what they all about and people will see who they really are i could'nt believe what i was seeing a whole day wasted but god is in conrol no matter how they try,i think regular people would of done a better job is a shame that these people are put to do the peoples job and they just walking around like its one of there 2500 type of fund raising gigs.Last but not least you do a wonder job giving us the step by step imformation u are the only one make it so clear for any one to understand thank you and your many staff keep up the good works.
  2. 's Avatar
    They are voting for the "Touchback ammendment" it's amazing that some anti immigrant sentators are voting for no, because if this pass it means some addtional yes for the final colture, they are simply there to kill the bill.
  3. 's Avatar
    I would'nt worry too much about the Touchback, this one is from the TX senator. They will vote on another "Touchback" one by Graham, that's the one that needs to pass to get the additional votes.
  4. 's Avatar
    without the touchback provision , they will lose some votes from the conervatives. Anyway long way to go, but you can see that tihs is a battle between good and evil.
  5. christianpol's Avatar
    I read some of the amendment, and I've read some blogs about the amendment. There are a lot of folks who are complaining about the fact that they are allowed to change parts of the oath to serve their individual beliefs. But this is not new. The changes in the amendment have been allowed by the INS for years. I don't agree with them, but my complaint is that the people offering this amendment don't even agree with the oath itself, at least as it applies to them.

    A little more detail can be found at
  6. 's Avatar
    for what I saw today, reading between the lines, the Bill is definitley dead, this is just a showoff that they tried.
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