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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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Sources are telling me that procedures at the Vermont and California Service Centers could spell trouble when the regional service centers get tens of thousands - some estimate 100,000 - H-1B applications on April 2nd. Courier services apparently are not allowed to deliver packages directly to the RSCs and USCIS picks up applications with their own truck and hauls them back to the RSC for processing. Apparently this process alone seriously delays the counting and many people are likely to continue applying even after USCIS has well in excess of the acceptable number of applications. I've contacted Federal Express' press folks to see if they have any advisories and am awaiting information to pass on to you.

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  1. Anonymous's Avatar
    I heard that some of the larger filers are not depending on Fedex, but are making some other, more reliable, method of delivery, since they believe Fedex may simply crack under the strain of 50,000 packages for one address. Clearly it is in both Fedex and USCIS interest to explain how folks who want to send in 10 or 20 petitions should go about doing it in a way that ensures that delivery is not an issue in making it under the cap deadline.
  2. Anonymous's Avatar
    Are you listening UPS?
  3. Anindita's Avatar
    Please keep us updated on the best way to mail. CIS may be forced to endorse USPS, since it is a Govt Institution. Also, I always put in 3 checks for $190, 500 and 1500. Can I put in 1 check for 2190? Makes life a lot easier.
  4. Anonymous's Avatar
    I doubt the CAP will be reached on the first day. Most non-exempt applicants are undergrads not likely to have their degrees before May. There will be many applicants on the first day from FY 2007. It could still reach the cap on the first day, but given last year's 45 days I doubt it. Besides, many law firms will have all kinds of glitches that will prevent 100% applications to get to the RSC on April 2nd. And US MS degree holders will of course go into the 20000 cap more than ever this year. This will alleviate the 65k a little bit.
  5. Tom's Avatar
    Greg: did you get any comment/adise back from FedEx for shipping H-1Bs?
  6. Theodore's Avatar
    Take care of it and keep it on the road!
  7. Genowefa's Avatar
    Very interesting.
  8. Regina's Avatar
    keep up the good work!
  9. Clemence's Avatar
    Hi! very nice!
  10. Henryk's Avatar
    Hello good design. Very nice.
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