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Hammond Law Firm on Nurse Immigration

May Day

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Today is May Day which is traditionally a day that working immigrants in this country exercise their right to freely gather. Rallies may be held across the country in support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

While CIR is being bandied about Washington DC, readers of this Blog are focused on more targeted legislation: retrogression relief for Schedule A workers - Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists. No matter what happens in the interim, CIR is going to be pushed by President Obama and is going to have significant consequences for employment based immigration.

No legislation gets approved in this country without significant constituent action. For May Day, I ask that you contact your local Representative and two Senators and explain to them that the US nursing shortage is a short and long-term problem and that international workers must be a part of the solution. This will help lay the groundwork for specific Schedule A legislative initiatives that will be introduced in the near future as well as the eventual introduction of CIR.

-Chris Musillo

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