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Hammond Law Firm on Nurse Immigration

Lame Duck Session

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The Senate begins its lame duck session today. The House apparently is unwilling to tackle issues unless the viciously divided Senate acts first, although plans are in order for the House to begin on Wednesday.

At the top of the list is the proposed automakers bailout bill and other legislation aimed at jump-starting the weak US economy. It is not expected that Congress will consider too many amendments. The lobbying effort has been centered on convincing our champions and co-sponsors of the urgency of the issue; whether that argument falls on deaf or active ears remains to be seen.

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  1. Ronald Nair's Avatar
    Let us hope that it is active ears, or say goodbye to anything Nursing Immigration related for at least another year or until Falll 2009 at the earliest, and that will be part of some controversial comphrehensive immigration reform bill where Obama will need to take sides and choose between Hispanic voters, or those blue collar voters in the Midwwest.
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