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Hammond Law Firm on Nurse Immigration

President-Elect Obama and the New Congress

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On November 4, the US public elected Barack Obama as its newest President. President Obama's term starts January 20, 2009. Between now and then the Congress may consider a Lame Duck Session during which there is a small chance that the long-standing HR 5294 is acted on. Failing that, Congress will return in January and begin the process of new legislation.

It is expected that the Democrat heavy Congress immediately will get to work on a number of important bills, such as economic stimulation, taxation, and healthcare. Of particular note is March 6, 2009 when the federal government's current funding runs dry. Sometime between now and then Congress must pass appropriations measures. These measures often contain special legislation. We certainly hope that the Congress considers a Schedule A retrogression-lifting bill. The CTIHS and AAIHR have already engaged a lobbying team to push these issues to the new Congress. If you are interested in helping the cause, please let us know.

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